Standard Insane/Nightmare Role Call

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Standard Insane/Nightmare Role Call

Postby Billyum » Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:21 am

The key to the success of Clans ZES, EGL, and AUC on the North America server in the original UA3 was largely due planing made before a game was even started. The role call lets everyone know what MOS they will be and what their role will be within the game. Depending on the mode the role call could change to fit what the team needs to win [e.g Nightmare -One life needs different classes than a regular nightmare game]. I decided to post the most basic of them so that people may have a better idea of how to beat the Insane/Nightmare modes [Note that this role call was made before the SFAAT rally point was added].

Whoever is leading the role call will start calling out the MOSs that are needed, It is best to do the role call in the lobby chat and have non-roll call related chat in the party chat. When the roll call leader calls out an MOS someone then responds back to pick that MOS [Rolecall leader: "Need two medics", Someone who wants to be medic: "Medic"]. There is always the problem of someone not wanting to be an MOS or not having enough exp for it, So sometimes people will have to switch in order to get every MOS that is needed. If no one opts in for an MOS you could always continue on with the roll call and come back to it.

Two Medics: Medics will need to heal/revive team mates and avoid dying at nearly any cost. If the medics die then your team will no longer have revives and will have few ways to heal. At least one of the medics will need the Barbaric SI and the Blood in Blood out SI helps a lot too.

Cavalry Scout and Ghost: They are your team's primary recon classes, They will need to provide vision for your team and locate high priority targets so that your dps can focus them down as quickly as possible. The Ghost and Cav scout will need to talk with the team and place their motion sensors where they are needed most [For the Farmer Akma mission: one motion sensor at generator 3 and the other on the hill in between Balaad and Akma's].

Combat Engineer and Fire Support Specialist: The CE uses para traps and barricades to draw zombies away from objectives/your team to provide breathing room to dps the zombies down, The CE will also need to use Flash on dangerous bosses [Like Minerva and Cacumen]. Note that you will need Energy Regen SIs because you will likely not get a Ki [As the FSS and Medics will need it more].

The FSS is for Killing zombies with his Call For Fire/Rail Gun and to support the team with his Indirect Fire Support skills [The Joint Fire Observer tree was largely considered to be much weaker due to its lack of damage and the fact that the Cav scout and Ghost already provide recon for the team]. The FSS should try to save at least 100 shells for chapter 3 [Don't waste shells if your team can kill something just fine without them]. If you do not have someone who is confident with CFF then the FSS can be swapped out for an extra dps class.

VT CSM Rifleman and Platoon Leader: When the Rifleman has his focus fire skill activated he has the highest dps in the game [Great for bringing down the dangerous bosses quickly], With VT the Rifleman is also quite fast which makes him a great mobile dps class [At the time the Automatic Rifleman was considered to be too slow to be viable in nightmare mode, With the buffs to his dps he should be viable now though perhaps not optimal].

The Platoon Leader is there to support the team with his Auras and active skills as well as provide some dps at the end of the game. The Instructor SI is a must for the Platoon Leader and I highly recommend Born to Lead [Even if many of my friends like using VT more, I respectfully disagree with them on that].

Squad Designated Marksman and Agility/Suppress Cyborg: The SDM has long range and great mid to late game dps. The Cyborg has amazing early game dps and great mobility for mid to late game.

Two Javelin Gunners: The Jav Gunner's job is to kill the large groups of T3 zombies so that the dps can focus on killing Bosses and other high priority targets. They also make explosive charges for themselves, The CE, And the Medics as well as helping draw agro away from the team/objectives with para traps. On top of all this they can use their AT rockets to help take down bosses even faster.

During most of the missions the Cav Scout, FSS, and CE will be kiting most of the mobs [To anyone who may not know what kiting is, It's when you get close enough to a group of zombies to have them chase you then you stay close enough to them (without getting hit if possibe) for them to not go after other team mates nearby]. Most of the dps classes will stay near the objectives [e.g close to Akma/CLP cars], And will often move on to high ground to make it easier for people to kite for them.

Before the SFAAT rally point we did not even try to hold Thalim in Insane/Nightmare games, Even on Hard mode we weren't always able to defend Thalim. So for Insane/Nightmare games we only defended Thalim during the Valor chapter.

Once again, Thanks for reading.

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Re: Standard Insane/Nightmare Role Call

Postby Znimu » Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:07 am

Very instructive, thanks :)

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