DPS Cyborg

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DPS Cyborg

Postby Billyum » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:59 am

I decided to make this post because I often run into players that struggle with learning how to play Cyborg. Here are some quick notes about the Cyborg:

1. Out of all the dps classes, The Cyborg's dps scales the quickest.
2. The Cyborgs dps also caps lower than other dps classes [At level 7].
3. Cyborg is one of the most mobile MOSs in the game [Along with Cavalry Scout and Medic with Painkillers/Anabolic].
4. Cyborg does not have any skills that increase it's reload speed, taking an SI that increases reload speed is nearly required for dps.

The combination of the first three factors makes the Cyborg an amazing mobile early game heavy dps class. However late game you'll find that classes like the Automatic Rifleman and the Squad Designated Marksman will deal far more damage than a Cyborg.

VT QT: Standard for Nightmare/Insane games.
VT IS or IS EN: Great for games when you do not have a Platoon leader such as 3-4 man nightmare games.
QT EN: For when you don't have VT unlocked or can't take the risk of using it.

Important Items:
Quick Clots: For if you get an aliment and a medic isn't nearby. [Try to save them for when you need them most].
Energy Cells: For when you are low on energy and need to use Suppressive fire, Charge, ect.
Aim Assistant: More attack speed, More damage [Note that an AA would go to an SDM first in most cases].
SAW: Improved burst, attack Speed, and movement speed [Often your most important item].
SPCS: Because the Cyborg is so fast the movement speed penalty isn't as big of a deal [Especially with a SAW], Also the Cyborg does not have self aid so the shield points help a lot.

Secondary Items:
Flashlight: For detection, Great for saving people from invisible zombies.
AP Rounds: Gives you more damage [Note that as long as you have a SAW and/or AA the AP Rounds would likely go to another dps class first].
Flare guns: For getting vision of bosses or up ramps when you do not have a recon class there to do it for you.
First Aid Kits: Great for when you are at low hp and there are no medics that can heal you in time. [Note that First Aid Kits should first go to classes that kite zombies the most such as Cavalry Scout, Fire Support Specialist, Flare/Nade Rifleman, and Combat Engineer], And just like with Quick Clots you should try to save them for emergencies.

Skill Build:
1. Agility 1: Gives you passive movement speed and attack speed.
2. Agility 2: Unlocks 25% chance of 2x Critical hit and increases move speed [Best to get critical hits before suppressive fire].
3. Suppressive Fire 1: Massively increases dps while active
4. Aglity 3: Buffs your Critical hit to 3x and unlocks charge [In some games it may be better to get Agility 3 before suppress if you need movement speed to finish a mission such as BMDDS, You do run the risk of not having suppress when you need it though].
5. Suppressive Fire 2: Even more dps, lower energy cost
6. Suppressive Fire 3: You should be getting to level 6 around the time the CLP mission starts, You'll need as much dps as possible
7. Suppressive Fire 4: Now your dps skills are maxed out.
8. Strength 1: On its own not that useful, mostly just a stepping stone to Strength 2.
9. Strength 2: Unlocks the Cyborg's long range jump, As long as you remember to switch to strength before you jump this gives a huge increase in mobility. This will let you move to objectives or to high priority targets much faster. You should have no problems outrunning Cacumen even on hard [Just remember to drop the SPCS if you have to].

At this point you have two good options, What I usually do is finish up strength and then move on to stealth. You could also just skip strength 3 and then start maxing out stealth first. Some of you are probably asking "Where's the rockets?", I don't recommend getting rockets because they cost energy that you could be using for suppressive fire. With stealth you get field camera and flare gun, Which are great for when you need vision to dps something down. While they do use up energy just like rockets would, The difference is that suppressive fire is also great for clearing groups of T3s. So if you're in a situation where you would use rockets to clear a group of T3s you could just use Suppress to kill them instead. Sure the stun can be nice, But you'll use up way too much energy using both rockets and suppress. I'll continue down the list with the build I usually do.

10. Strength 3: Allows you to quickly riflebutt while using charge and you can riflebutt armored targets, [Which is great for when the situation goes bad and you need to get away fast]. The health regeneration and extra hp that strength gives when active can also be useful at times.
11. Stealth 1: Unlocks Field Camera, Always nice to have extra vision.
12. Stealth 2: Unlocks Flare gun, Absolutely amazing to have [Especially on chapter 3 Love].
13. Stealth 3: You can't expect to make it to level 13 every game, But if you do there's Stonewall Protocol and Meltdown there waiting for you. [Please I can not stress this enough, Do not turn on meltdown anywhere near your team mates].

Thanks for reading, Or possibly clicking on the link only to see a giant wall of text and saying "nope nope nope".

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Re: DPS Cyborg

Postby Znimu » Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:54 am

Very detailed, thanks for this guide. It should help some people to better understand the Cyborg, and particularly the Cyborg DPS of course.

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