2-man Survival Tier 1 with 1 life

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2-man Survival Tier 1 with 1 life

Postby sky » Wed May 30, 2018 1:09 am

Having played numerous 4 man survival outbreak 1 life successfully, we now then look for greater challenges and difficulty in survival mode, i.e Tier 1 with 1 life.
This mode is beyond any doubt difficult because of the new updated mutations which the creator of game has implemented.

After successfully winning Surv T1 1L with 4-man and then 3-man, we would like to see if this mode is feasible/doable with just 2 man only. And guess what, we finally did it after one failed attempt. :D

Here is the replay.

Special thanks to Jagga for playing amazingly and supporting me in this game.
2 man survival t1.SC2Replay
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