M.O.S. '' Shocktrooper ''

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M.O.S. '' Shocktrooper ''

Postby Merak65 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:18 am

M.O.S. '' Shocktrooper ''

Originally named '' breachers '', shocktroopers deliver high damage in short amount of time with their shotgun while keeping themselves mobile, making them ideal for raid or '' hit and run '' operations.
All their training focuses around mobility and shotgun mastery, more experienced shocktroopers will also be able to use different kinds of ammunitions such as the penetrating or the H.E.P. rounds

Basic stats
Health: 350 hp
Health regen: 0.5 hp/s
Energy: 125 p
Energy regen: 0.5 p/s
Movement speed: standard with + 0.05 movement speed
Weapon: shotgun
Armor: 2

XP requirement to unlock: none ( unit is usable by default ).
Number of units aviable for picking: 6 ( makes it easier to pick for curious starters )


M.O.S. Specific ability '' Pellet spread ''
-Basic attack splash enemies within 2 tiles near the original target for 10% of the damage dealt

Soldier skills
-Increases basic attacks rate of fire, reload time, damage and crit rate based on the level of the upgrade ( specifed in upgrades section ) .

-Increases range, vision and critical damage based on the level of the upgrade ( specified in upgrades section ).

Impact grenade
-Trows an impact grenade at the target, impact grenades are faster to trow and to land then regular ones, but deal less damage.
-[ energy cost: 25 ; cooldown: 10 seconds ; AoE: 3 tiles ; range: 8 tiles ; fewer delay to trow it ; faster projectile ]

-Pushes non armored tier 3 enemyes back when they get at melee range
-[passive ; triggered once every couple of seconds ]

-Fires a slug-round that deals considerable damage to all enemies in a straight line, it can also be upgraded to slow them down and cause damage over time.
-[ energy cost: 50 ; cooldown: 15 seconds ; AoE: 2 tiles ; range: 6 tiles from the player ( it fires in a line and penetrates targets ) ; cast-time: 0.5 seconds ; raw damage: 500 ]

-Esponencially increases rate of fire ( x3 faster ) and reload time ( x2 faster ) for a short amount of time
-[ energy cost: 25 ; cooldown: 30 seconds ; duration: 10 seconds ]

-Trows a flare that grants vision to both allies and enemies in the area where it is trown, enemies will also be slown by 20%
-[ energy cost: 15 ; cooldown: 1 minute ; duration: 20 seconds ]


Soldier skills
-Level 1: allows to perform '' self aid '' , increases rate of fire by 15%
-Level 2: M.O.S. Specific ability '' pellet spread ''
-Level 3: increases movement speed by 0.1 , increases critical chanche by 20%
-Level 4: unlocks rifle-butt , decreses reload time by 15%
-[All levels increase attributes like normal soldier skill does]

-Level 1: increases vision range by 3 and gun range by 1
-Level 2: unlocks ability '' flare ''
-Level 3: increases vision range by 1, gun range by 1 and critical damage by 25%
-[All levels increase inflicted damage ( by increasing dextrity by 4 ) and critical chance by 5%]

-Level 1: unlocks ability '' impact grenade '' ( 500 damage )
-Level 2: increases '' impact grenade '' damage to 750
-Level 3: grants '' impact grenade '' 2 charges, energy cost and cooldown stayes the same
-Level 4: increases '' impact grenade '' damage to 950 and impact greande stuns non-massive targets for 1 second.

Shotgun mastery
-Level 1: unlocks ability '' slug round ''
-Level 2: unlocks ability '' Unload ''
-Level 3: '' slug round '' slows down enemies for 2 seconds by 30%
-Level 4: increases attack damage by 20% while '' Unload '' is active and '' slug round '' now causes the targets to bleed out for 100 damage over 5 seconds.

A rather simple class, but surely deadly in the right hands and, most of all, free for everyone to use if you decide to add as a starter class, as I suggest.
The class itself is very similar to the rifleman, but trades the long-range sustained damage ( that the rifleman can provide ) for a much more dinamic run-and-gun style wich requires to user to time right when to trigger his abilities and when to rely on the passive ones.

Because the class uses shotguns, it also tends to burn trough ammo much slower than other classes do, and, paired with the fact that the class is rather fast, it could also make up for an ealry-tier ''ammo bearer'' class when there's no ghost or cav scout avieable.

For the health, i would personally give it slightly more default armor than the other classes just because it really needs to get up close to get the full '' kite and run '' potecial, where you are more susceptible to splash damage and friendly fire.

I would be really happy to see a new starter class, and, while surley not a '' must have '' in more experienced games, I think it would make it a great addition to give starters a bit more variety and shotguns a bit more usage.
Good luck with the developement and sorry for bad english !

Edit: I tweaked some stats and added in a couple of extra informations and suggestions.
Suggested portrait: regular marine.
Suggested voice-lines: reaper.
Spawn voice-line: '' Hit and Run! '' ( the reaper quote )
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Re: M.O.S. '' Shocktrooper ''

Postby Sui » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:33 am

I kinda like the idea of shotgun dps, i think this tipe weapon can get some potential for dps.

Why not instead of granade skill get a shotgun blast like [Penetrating Blast] like Nova Co Op commander, for me it makes more sense for a shotgun and its something "new".

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Re: M.O.S. '' Shocktrooper ''

Postby Merak65 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:00 pm

Something like that could work too, for example we remake the impact grenade skill a '' fire HE round '' skill, but the concept of a fast AOE damage stayes the same

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Re: M.O.S. '' Shocktrooper ''

Postby Sui » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:59 am

How about this

Ravage Blast: Shoot a charged blast dealing damage in a cone.
Bonus damage against armored units 30%.
Only ground units.

Damage: 600/800/1000/1200.
Energy: 90/85/80/75.
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17.
Ammo Consumption: 5/4/3/2.

Maybe the ammo consumption was a bit rash for a shotgun, but that can balance the damage from the skill.

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Re: M.O.S. '' Shocktrooper ''

Postby Merak65 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:33 am

That's a great idea, but instead of making the level just lower cooldown and increase damage, I had in mind something a bit more dinamic, for example.

-Level 1: unlocks the ability
-Level 2: increases range by 3 tiles
-Level 3: grants the ability 2 charges ( energy cost per-use stayes the same )
-Level 4: ability inflicts 100 extra damage over 5 seconds
[ Each level decreases energy cost by 5; cooldown by 2 seconds ; ammo used by 1 and increases damage by 200 ]

Also, I would not give a shotgun bonus damage versus armored targets primarly for realism sake, a shotgun is not meant to pierce armor, but instead the thing causes a massive volley of pellets that knock back anything on his path and tear trough flesh targets ...

Thus I would personally give it something like:
+30% damage vs light targets
+knocks back ligth enemies by 3 tiles, normal enemies by 2 tiles and armored targets by 1 tile ( Tier 1 hostiles are immune ).

Also, to better fit the UAR '' sci-fi '' theme, I would personally give it a more scientific name like ''H.E.P. Round''
For those of you that don't know, HEP stands for High Explosive Plastic, also called HESH ( high explosive squash head ) by the british.

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