The Reanimater "mad scientist"

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The Reanimater "mad scientist"

Postby easy » Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:57 am

The Reanimater "mad scientist"

a scientist who used to work at the RA and quite or got fired after going crazy

dose not have standard UT gear:
1) armor is 0
2) base HP is less than other MOS
3)uses a high caliber handgun (should one shot small zombies and jam immune. or maybe a shotgun if pistol is not possible)
4)has a higher base ms than other MOS(less gear=more ms)
5)stamina bar is less than other MOS (did not undergo intensive training)
6)maybe give him less inventory space?


Undead Anatomy (passive and starts with it)
when nearby undead die he can examine their bodies and will be able to improve his reanimations
1)every 100 (or more), zombies that die nearby will improve his reanimations HP, armor, base dmg, and duration
2)spitters - gain spitter attack and increase aoe
3)morbus - attack range
4)bruches - HP regen and armor
5)hunters - ms and sprint
6)gourmand - HP, armor
7)cursed - poison attack or HP and armor
8)drake and eal - coruption bite effect (probably op with spitter attack)
9)any detector zombie - gain detection (or 20+ detectors needed??)
10)leaper - jump, leaper ability for boomers
11)boomer - unlocks spawn boomer and increase explosion dmg
12)swollen - increase explosion radius and dmg
13)horror - increase attack aoe
14)Lacerti - attack speed
these can stack together and multiple times
eg) morbus attack range bonus can stack multiple times for a greater range

Survivalist Skills
(same as soldier skills and with each lvl his stamin bar increases to be the same as other mos at max lvl )
1)self aid
2)same as medic + can attach explsive charges to his creations
4)+ms and hp regen (or base hp)

Undead Master
needs zombies to die nearby to be able to use this skill to raise the undead. these reanimations do not have a duration.
1)2 max
2)3 max
3)4 max
4)5 max

i would like them to start as melee and gain a range attack once a spitter or morbus is killed. since melee minions have the potential to break the game they can start with a range attack.

no name yet
these do not count towards the undead master spawn limit
1)Meat shield - has duration and needs at least 100 undead to be killed nearby before it is unlocked.
spawns 3-4 small zombies that surround the mos and move with him(these zombies cant attack), making him undetectable unless he attacks.
(the walking dead style ;P)
2)boomers - has duration and need a boomer to be killed nearby before it is unlocked(this MOS's version of grenades)
3)pheromone zombie - has duration and fairly tanky (tankier than a cade?) undead that works as a cade.
4)???? maybe add a charge for the special zombies or just another special zombie.

the order in which these are gained can be moved around.

no name yet
Can not use this with undead master (might be too op)
makes the undead anatomy passives apply to the mos
each lvl increases the effect
at max lvl cant use a weapon, gains the spitter attack. Changes model to infested civ or marine.

all creations except the pheromone zombie are to be ignored by the undead unless they are attacking (this might need to be removed coz its probably op)

not sure yet what other skills can be added. maybe an ultimate creation skill "wink" potato zombie "wink"
this class has the potential to be broken as hell so ill let the professionals add the stats ;P

with thalim and sfaat beign changed in the near future the undead master tree might need to be changed

*basic conceptional work done*
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Re: The Reanimater "mad scientist"

Postby Znimu » Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:05 pm

Could be interesting to bring these new mechanics.
I prefer to not add it to the poll as it would reset every votes, and it is quite hard to make people vote :triste2:

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