MOS suggestion: Bio Engineer.

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MOS suggestion: Bio Engineer.

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Bio Engineer

Role in UAR: Bio-Engineer is a support class intended to be used as a Utility or Defensive MOS that can control the tides of battle.

Starting energy of Bio-Engineer is 215.

Attack type: Plasma Cannon. Bio Engineer's attacks deals a laser beam single target damage that increases damage every 2 seconds.
Resets back to normal damage after 4 seconds of not dealing damage.

Bio Engineers are only limited to 1 per game.


Soldier Skills:
Your usual Soldier Skills.

Bio Engineering:
Level 1:
Generator and Sentry Turrets unlocked.

Level 2:
Solar Panel unlocked.

Level 3:
Field Drone

Level 4:
Improved Tech

Field Manual:
Level 1:
Field Kit

Level 2:
Field Designation

Level 3:
Field Camera

Level 4:
Field Training

Ability Functions:
Sentry Turrets:
The Bio-Engineer can setup 3 Sentry Turrets that uses single target beam that deals more damage the longer it is attached to an enemy. The Sentry Turrets only have 100 HP, 7 range and deals 40 damage per seconds. The Sentry Turrets can be set to self destruct.
Damage resets after 4 seconds if dealing no damage.

The Generator generates 0.8 energy per seconds and can store up to 100 energy. Allies can right click the Generator to take 25 energy from it. The Generator has 200 health and can be set to self destruct

Solar Panel:
If there is a Generator near a Solar Panel, the Generator's energy regeneration is increased by 3%. The Solar Panel can be set to self destruct.

Field Drone:
The Drone is a Scouting Tool that can be seen by allies, and can store 1 item. They hover very slowly but they have a decent vision.

Improved Tech:
Sentry Turrets gain an extra +2 range and +50 health. Generator generates 1.4 energy per seconds.

Field Kit:
Heals an ally MOS for 125 HP.

Field Designation:
Designate a target enemy to increase the damage they take by 3%, increases the damage they take by 3% every 2 seconds. Lasts 8 seconds.

Field Camera:
A small field camera that can be deployed, they have decent vision.

Field Training:
Jumping from Cliffs won't break your leg and small ailments can be prevented.

Renamed Security Drone to Field Drone

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