M.O.S Pioneer

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M.O.S Pioneer

Postby lStealtherl » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:18 pm

Pioneer (P)
Uses Shotgun.

Soldier Skills
Level 1: First aid
Level 2: Mos-specific
Level 3: Improve Prone & +0,1 MS
Level 4: Rifle Butt

Makeshift Armor
Level 1: 50 Shield Points that doesn't regenerate, costs 100 Energy.
Level 2: 75 SP, costs 150 Energy
Level 3: 100 SP, costs 200 Energy
Level 4: 125 SP, costs 250 Energy

Experimental devices
Level 1: Enables upgrading targeted unit's current magazine.
Level 2: Enables building Claymore and Paralysis Trap.
Level 3: Enables building Stun Mine.
Level 4: Enables building Widow Mine.

Engineer skills
Level 1: Repair, Disarm & Overhaul.
Level 2: Energy Transfer & +0,5 passive energy regeneration
Level 3: Enables building Makeshift Generator.
Level 4: Power Battery & Emergency Battery.

Makeshift Armor
Targetable on friendly characters. Overwritten by armor items.

Upgrade Magazine
Grants affected unit based on its weapon type until magazine runs out. Costs 30 Energy.
Rifle: Opportunity shot.
AR: Chance that an attack ignores armor.
Shotgun: Adds +1 splash range.
SDM: Boosts damage by 5%.

Stun Mine
Same as Widow mine, but stuns instead.

Makeshift Generator
1 tile building, static energy regenerator targeting 1 unit in range. Aggro level is the same as a barricade. Max 1.

Power Battery
To be decided.

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