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MOS Sapper

Postby Lazarus » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:48 am

Hi there, I read here quite a few cool new MOS ideas so I decided to throw in my own, I had ever since UA3.

MOS: Sapper
A hybrid of support and demolition expert MOS. Can be build as support char or semi dps.

Basic stats exactly the same as Engineer. Same HP, energy, weapon type shotgun etc.
Only thing differernt is that he can use only SPecial Ops Kevlar as armor. NO other.
Rank requirements same sa FSS

1. Soldier skills
Almost the same as every shotgun MOS but at lvl2 he gets toggled on/off Dum-dum Rounds. While On, shots consume 2 rounds per shot and deal double dmg but splash hurts allies as well.

2. Art of Surveillance (each level adds 1 sight radius)
lvl1 - Unlocks Remote Detonation and Disarm
Remote detonation allows to trigger every explosives that belong to player from a distance of 10-15m; that is: Explosive Charges, Smoke Charges and Satchel. ECs and SCs detonate immediately and Satchel arms normally like with Engineers ability.
lvl2 - Unlocks Personal Camera View and Laser Designation
Personal Camera View allows Sapper to see every player in game and every player can see Sapper; they still can’t see each other without Fire Teams. Radius of sight same as with Leadership lvl2
lvl3 – Unlocks Orbital Satellite Reconnaissance (skill from FFS, basically bigger Binoculars for whole team)
lvl4 - Unlocks Personal Motion Sensor
Turn on/off ability that allows Sapper to become moving Motion Sensor with a radius of ~60-70% of normal Motion Sensor. While this is turned on, Sapper stops any energy regeneration; no matter if he has KI or picked EN SI, Energy Cells does not regen as well. Basically you can turn it on forever but you will never get any energy then. PMCs on motion sensor show up in green color instead of red.

3. Art of Demolition (each level adds 0,1 energy regen)
lvl1 - Unlocks Explosive Charge (exactly the same as Javelins)
lvl2 - Unlocks Toxic Smoke Charge
this is something in between Naplam Granade and Smoke Granade. It detonates by other explosion or remote detonation. When detonated is deals only 50dmg and leaves slowing smoke cloud on the ground with dmg over time effect (100dmg per sec). I’m thinking regular smoke grenade effect but in plasma grenade colors. Can be disarmed by anyone and disappears.
lvl3 - Explosive Charge gets 2 charges (basically when cooldown ends you can set 2 charges)
lvl4 - Unlocks Satchel Charge (same as Engineer)

4. Combat Shotgun Mastery (each lvl adds 5 clips to magazine)
All passive effects
lvl1 - 10% crit chance 1,5*dmg, splash radius +10%
lvl2 - 10% crit chance 2,0*dmg, splash radius +20% in total
lvl3 - 10% crit chance 2,5*dmg, splash radius +30% in total
lvl4 - 10% crit chance 3,0*dmg, splash radius +40% in total

To sum things up, this is an idea for MOS to fill specific roles. It can be build as support char, can be build as explosives manipulator or as semi shotgun dps that we are missing.
Let me know what ya think guys.

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