Quartermaster officer MOS

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Quartermaster officer MOS

Postby sXe » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:11 am

Quartermaster officer is responsible for making sure equipment, materials and systems are available and functioning for missions. More specifically, the quartermaster officer provides supply support for Soldiers and units in field services, aerial delivery, and material and distribution management.


Soldier Skills (basics)

Distribution management
- 1. Adds Distribution supply aura to Quartermaster Officer
( Aura in ~10-15 units around Quartermaster will provide +2.5 armor boost, -100% weapon jamm chance and slowly replenish players current ammo in active magazine +0.25/sec)
- 2. Improves aura's armor boost to +5 and ammo replenish to +0.5/sec
- 3. Improves aura's armor boost to +7.5 and ammo replenish to +0.75/sec
- 4. Improves aura's armor boost to +10 and ammo replenish to +1/sec
[shouldn't provide extra mags, only ammo in current mag and stop at full amount, might need some tweaks with flamethrower only]

Supply Management
- 1. Supply request ( spawns an extra catche with consumable(ammo/healing/explosives) items on random map position and 15-20 min cd) and pings all cache locations during survival.
- 2. Improves Supply request with equipment ( adds simple(available before ch2-ch3) weapons/armor/mods to cache)
- 3. Improves Supply request with advanced equipment ( adds everything else )
[extra supply caches won't be gamebreaking with long CD, but will provide faster team setup]

Infrastructure & Transportation Management
- 1. Bunker call down ( orbit drop a bunker, available only for 2 LNs or minis(no players), gives them +2 extra vision and +1 extra range in it) bunkers should have solid ammount of HP and Armor, like 1000 hp and 5 armor and limited to 2-3 active bunkers at time.
- 2. APC call down ( orbit drop an APC vehicle controlled only by players(no minis) in it, 1st player is driver, 2nd MG operator and 4 passengers), vehicle should be like 3.5-4 move speed and have 30-35% slow effect on it near T1 to dissable kiting possibility.
- 3. Imrpoves Bunker call down ( increase bunker space to 1 extra unit and gives it slow auto-repair )
- 4. Improves APC call down ( enable second APC to call down, so whole platoon could be carried in them (6+6) for extra mobility and firepower)
[Bunkers and APCs should be great at providing cover from ailments and poisons, also players will be glad to drive APCs without need of specific class for it. APCs should be presented as vehicles first of all (to depart quickly on objective site and back) and their MG weapon part should be just like nice addition to clear t3 without need to stop. Medic or Engi need escort to revive? - Jump in APC and go for it. APC slow effect around t1 will decline probability of kiting and will force players to evade encounter or leave vehicle behind]

MOS should be available only to WO and CO. Maybe only to CO if you want to exclude Always Ready SI.

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Re: Quartermaster officer MOS

Postby Wolf » Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:14 pm

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