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MOS Sniper

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:06 pm
by Znimu
The Sniper is equipped with a MP75R (like the grenadier), but when he prones, he will use his Sniper Rifle instead.

Soldier Skills :
Bonus lvl 2 to determine.

Marksmanship :
Nothing special here.

Ammunitions : (parts from Kami no Varou)
- lvl 1 : Explosive round
- lvl 2 : Plasma round
- lvl 3 : Shredding round
- lvl 4 : Tranquilizer round (stun T2/T3 and slows T1)

Recon :
- lvl 1 : bino
- lvl 2 : drone + cam
- lvl 3 : drone lock on (auto locks massives)
- lvl 4 : motion sensor

Precision Shot (by Billyum)
Focuses aim for a few seconds then fires a shot dealing heavy damage to a single target at up to 40 range. Each level of Marksmanship adds +500 damage.

Level 1: damage 2k, Cast time 3.2 secs, Energy cost 80, CD 60 secs
Level 2: damage 4k, Cast time 3 secs, Energy cost 75, CD 55 secs
Level 3: damage 6k Cast time 2.8 secs, Energy cost 70, CD 45 secs
Level 4: damage 8k Cast time 2.6 secs, Energy cost 65, CD 30 secs

Re: MOS Sniper

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:49 pm
by lStealtherl
Maybe a "aim mode" that a player can toggle, boosting damage and range but reduces movement & attack speed to its MOS-skill.
Or a toggleable skill that reduces its aggro level at the cost of some stat.
Or a passive skill that reduces its aggro level after it's been stationary after x seconds.
Or a passive skill that boosts crit chance, stackable with Marksmanship.
Or an active skill that cloaks Sniper, giving bonus attack to its first shot.