Suggestions for a ghost rework

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Suggestions for a ghost rework

Postby Merak65 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:09 pm

Ghost rework
In this suggestion, following my '' polish and fix '' suggestion series, I'm gonna recommend a ghost's rework, for the class itself as a good concept but I think it's quite messy with his upgrades / abilities at the times.
There will not be many changes in terms of abilities, these are primarly stats and upgrades rework.

Basic stats

Health: 420 hp
Health regeneration: 0.75 hp/s
Movement speed: 2.91 ms
Energy: 205 ep
Energy regeneration: 0.75 ep/s
Weapon: plasma rifle
Raw damage: unchanged

No big changes to old abilities, just a couple of stat-reworks and some new ones added in:

-Incendiary rounds
These rounds are quite good aganist small-groups of enemies and aganist single tragets, but I feel as if they are too weak aganist hordes, I would decrease the overall damage but make them splash so they remain viable aganist bigger groups of enemies:

Decreased fire damage to 60, fire applies to all splashed targets.

-New ability '' Execution rounds ''
Meant for high-priority targets, these energy-hungry rounds deal devastating damage in short amounts of time:

[ increase damage by 50% - applies armor breakdown – consumes 5 energy per-shot ]

-Motion sensor
Right now, ghost can keep a single motion sensor permanently up, wich is good, but this forces him to get on his expiring sensor to place immediatly another and avoid '' no sensor '' periods.

Decreased cooldown by 15 seconds.

To better fit his new upgrade tree and the new suggested default stats, I decided to modify it a bit:

Increases health regeneration by 0.5 hp/s and increases energy regeneration by 0.5 ep/s

-ION cannon
Ion cannon lasts for so short you don't ever get to control it, here's how I would rework it:

Increased ION duration by 5 seconds, decreased radius by 2 tiles.

-Plasma grenade
New upgrades specified in upgrade tree, nothing changed in terms of how the grenade works.

-New passive ability ''Ambush''
Ghost specialized in high-priority targets elimination will ambush their targets, opening fire when it's to late for them to escape.

[ First shot upon exiting cloack deals double damage and stuns non-massive targets for 2 seconds ]

Upgrade tree
Here I made the most consistant changes, for I feel like the most problems were here:

-Ghost skills
Level 1: allows cloaking ( 8 seconds delay ), unlocks motion sensor.
Level 2: improves cloaking ( 6 seconds delay ), unlocks field camera, unlocks flare.
Level 3: improves cloaking ( 4 seconds delay ), unlocks ISR.
Level 4: improves cloaking ( 2 seonds delay ), grants fitness.
[Each level improves attributes by 2 ]

Level 1: unlocks laser designator.
Level 2: improves movement speed by .1
Level 3: unlocks ION cannon.
Level 4: unlocks ambush, decreases ION cannon cooldown by 20 seconds.
[ Each level improves dextrity by 4 and reduces reload/unjam time by 15% ]

-Plasma grenade
Level 1: unlocks plasma grenade.
Level 2: reduces energy cost by 15.
Level 3: decreases cooldown by 5 seconds.
Level 4: increases travel speed of the plasma grenade by 50%
[ Each level increases damage by 150 and burn-damage by 20 starting off from old stats ]

-Improved muntions
Level 1: unlocks incendiary rounds.
Level 2: unlocks distruption rounds.
Level 3: unlocks cryo rounds.
Level 4: unlocks execution rounds.

My main problem with the ghost was how un-flexible upgrades were, forcing you to get ghost skills every time but leaving you with next to no choiche but to get the munitions to get that fitness.

With this new upgrade tree and with a couple of ability reworks, I belive we can grant ghost players a much wider array of sets that go from field support to high-priority target huting to '' ammo dances '' sets.

I realize this isn't a top-priority thing to fix ( lots of bugs to be smashed at the moment ), but when things are quiter and more polished, I belive ghost needs some loving too.
Would love to ear what you think about it.

And as always, good luck with the development Znimu!

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