The missing SDM ability

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The missing SDM ability

Postby Merak65 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:29 pm

Soldier skills grant a M.O.S. specific ability at level 2 ... but the SDM is missing one!

In this suggestion, following my '' polish and fix '' series, I will try to come up with an ability to grant upon getting soldier skills level 2:

-Weapon mainteinence
'' Marksmen can't afford a weapon jam, experienced ones have learned to prevent it trough proper weapon maintainence and frequent replacment of worn parts ''
[ Prevents weapon jams ]

Simple in concept, simple to do, effective to get, this ability would grant the marskman more reliability.

If we want to get a bit more cheesy, I have another suggestion:

-Fire adjustments
'' Firing 2 bullets in the exact same spot will allow the first one to weaken the armor and the second one to pierce trough the target ''
[ Increases by 5% the damage done to the target for each shot that he takes from the SDM ]

As I said, a bit more cheesy, but it's realistic and it fits with the '' boss-hunter '' SDM theme, shooting at the same target will cause the SDM to progressivley do more and more damage, making him more effective aganist bosses that are properly kited.
( You can indeed add a '' increased damage '' cap, maybe at 35% more damage ? You will see if you go down this path! )

To do this you could go in 2 ways I belive:
-Work on the Target's side, giving him a debuff that only makes him take more damage from the SDM.
-Work on the SDM itself, giving him a 5% damage buff for each shot he puts in that target.
( However I would not do the second way for I fear the SDM would start doing more damage even aganist other targets, and that's not what I want this ability to do ).

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