Alligator rework

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Alligator rework

Postby Merak65 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:43 pm

It's time for another season of '' Polish and rework '' suggestions, time to smash some bugs and make the game better !

This time I will suggest a helicopter rework, as I feel the class is a blast to play, but is also very jittery and only 1 set of upgrades is viable.

This is gonna be quite a rework, as I feel that not only a rework of current stuff is needed, but there also needs to be a whole new set of stuff, youl'l see.

Upgrade tree rework:
Massives changes here, I know it must be a pain but I really feel this is needed, primarly to make multiple playstyles viable, here's what I would do:

Helicopter equipment:
-Level 1: unlocks '' floodlight '' ability and increases health by 50.
-Level 2: unlocks '' x3 jet boosters '' ability and increases range by 2.
-Level 3: increases health by 50 and improves reload time by 0.5 seconds.
-Level 4: increases fire rate by 20% and improves reload time by 0.5 seconds.
[ Each level increases damage by 10% ]

( This particular set of upgrades is primarly meant to increase the helicopters direct-combat capabilities, giving the pilot that likes to minigun-down his enemies a viable upgrade tree )

HE rockets
( I feel as if HE rockets don't need a change in terms of their upgrade tree, but in a later session I will specify some changes to '' single fire rockets '' that I feel are needed ).

Incendiary rockets:
-Level 1: 2500 damage – 250 energy cost – 120 seconds cooldown – napalm lvl 1.
-Level 2: 5000 damage – 225 energy cost – 110 seconds cooldown – napalm lvl 2.
-Level 3: 7500 damage – 200 energy cost – 90 seconds cooldown – napalm lvl 3.
-Level 4: 10.000 damage – 175 energy cost – 70 seconds cooldown – napalm lvl 4.

( No changes in terms of damage, however I slightly increased teh energy cost but considerably reduced the cooldown time, this to make the incendiary rockets ready more often, but forcing his user to apply trigger discipline due to higher energy-cost ).

EMI rockets fully changed with this new upgrade set '' Sensor overhaul ''

Sensor overhaul:
-Level 1: unlocks '' binoculars '' and '' Radar scan '' abilities.
-Level 2: increases sight by 2 and decreases '' Radar scan '' energy cost by 50%.
-Level 3: increases energy regeneration by 2.5 energy/second.
-Level 4: improves rocket cast-time by 50% and movement speed by by 0.5
-Level 5: grants access to ISR and unlocks '' Radar surveillance '' ability.
[ Each level increases maximum-energy by 25 ]

( This upgrade tree is focused around teamplay and rocket-improvements, IEM rockets were really bad anyway, so, instead of trying to buff them, id much rather see a whole other upgrade tree with more viability and more teamplay orientation ).

Abilities rework
Some unchanged, some changed, a couple new things added-in, it's my reason to belive these changes won't be particularly hard to implement, but since they are related to the uprade-tree rework, you first need to agree and makae that one ( wich may require a more considerable amount of work ).

About the HE rockets
I was thinking ... a standard rocket volley pod is a box with 4 rockets in it, and you have 1 per-wing ... In the game you can currently trow a salvo of 4 and 4 single ones, but you cannot trow two 4-rockets salvos or 8 single rockets ...

NOTE: this was a bug and has been fixed, but I wanted to keep this part of the suggestion in anyway, it might give some ideas for charged-based abilities.

I was thinking, why don't we make HE rockets a passive boost with 8 charges that reload every N seconds, and then give 2 abilities:

-HE rocket salvo ( consumes 4 charges )
[ Ability stats are not changed from the current version ]

-He rocket single-fire ( consumes 1 rocket )
[ Ability stats are not changed from the current version ]

About the Incediary rockets
I have already stated what I think about the incediary rockets in the upgrade section, and I already suggested some changes there.

I could go on with the fact you should be able to single-fire the incendiary rockets too ... but that would probably end up becoming a nightmare to balance, so let's just keep em '' full-salvo '' only.

New ability '' Radar surveillance '':
Advanced radar equipment allows the helicopter to permanently motion-spot anything big-enough to make a relevant radar signature, wich includes tier 1s and massives.
[ Passive – Grants map-spotting of every tier 1 hostile within 50 tiles of the helicopter ]

Ability rework '' Pilot skills 4 '':
150% rocket speed is not very clear even in terms of what it does ... so Imma trow out a couple of ideas about what it does and some possible changes:

-Literally improves the rocket speed while flying towards the target ?
Then it's pretty much useless, and thus I think it should be changed with my 2nd idea:

-Inproves the rocket cast-time ?
In this case, it's quite good, but I think it should apply to nuclear rockets too ( if it doesn't already ).

About the binoculars, the radar scan and the flood-lights:
I think these abilities are fine, however if you can sneak-in a way to put em in the main ability tab ( instead of the Z sub-menu ) would make em much simpler to get access to and to use, combine that with th efact they are pretty team-oriented abilities and you see why I would be happy to sacrifice che quick-access to the floodlights to get quick-access to the scan ( for example ).

About the jet boosters:
God-mode when refuelling + ability that increases speed in exchange of fuel consumption = people exploit it too much. I would personally make boosters 15 seconds maximum ( as simple as that ).

With this rework we would remove what's not necessary ( EMI rockets ), we add in some teamplaying factors ( Sensor upgrade tree ) and we polish what's already in ( HE and incendiary ).
On top of that, we also make a gunner-chopper ( minigun-focused ) more viable thanks to the reworked equipment upgrade tree.

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