Sylvester banned permanently

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Sylvester banned permanently

Postby Znimu » Mon May 01, 2017 8:24 am

First perma ban, now that Sylvester destroyed the Wiki.

Sylvester, you have revealed to everybody your real nature. I knew that you was like that, it is what I was feeling about you... And it is why I banned you from the Discord.

You are just a pathetic angry kid who thinks that everything is due to him. But to be realistic, I do not owe you anything.
You are stupid enough to think that you bother me destroying the Wiki, but you only bother new players and people having worked on it to help me. I am sad for Varou and the others who worked on it of course. But I never use this Wiki myself. So you revenge on people that you don't even know. That is the kind of bad guy that you are. And it is why you were not welcome on my Discord any more...

You should remember that you came to me, in MY game, and in MY discord. And that I reject you. So to say that our path should not cross again, dude, I won't do anything for that : I don't like you, and I don't need you. Just leave me alone and our paths won't cross xD

Using films great sentences doesn't make you smart :hehe:

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