New clan : United Terran Special Forces

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New clan : United Terran Special Forces

Postby Znimu » Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:40 pm

Yehara and I will create a new clan nammed United Terran Special Forces (UTSF).
It will be a clan friend with iSAR, but with several differences.


Why UTSF ?
Mainly for 2 reasons :
- iSAR is almost always full of members
- the level of players in iSAR can vary a lot so we can win a NM mode having the feeling that it is easier than the hard OB failed with other players (or than a normal mode in a pub ^^'). In a clan like iSAR it is indeed not possible to teach everybody. In UTSF, to progress to an acceptable level will be asked.

When ?
Next week or a little before.

Who ?
Any mature player is welcome to apply to UTSF, we will study everything. You can indicate in this topic that you are interested.
We don't look for a level of skill but more for a spirit. Everybody can learn to play.


Everybody knows that iSAR is a kind of friends clan where trolls and jokes are welcome, and there is no real rules or requirements to join the clan. It is appreciated by many players and it was created and organized by Herb almost from scratch, so we will try to keep iSAR in this state.
However we think that an other kind of clan, with rules, requirements and more active officers could interest some people too. This is what we want to create.

We will try to make iSAR and UTSF co-exist in a good mood and probably collaborate together. I will ask to any member of both clans to respect any other member of both clans, nothing will change on this side.

What will change is in the UTSF clan :
- Rules (usual UAR rules like no TKs, no item steal on deads, ... but additional team-play, listening and discipline will be required).
- Requirements to enter and to stay (respect rules above ; no wild AFK ; respect, help and teach if necessary the other members)
- Active officers

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Re: New clan : United Terran Special Forces

Postby Merak65 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:26 pm

As I have already stated in a chat with Znimu, I was interested in this project ( and wanted to help with the creation of the first code of rules ... but that's just me ), however I wanted to know one thing:

Untill a '' constitution '' is written ... What rules are there to join ? For example, since I'm interested, can I join ?

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Re: New clan : United Terran Special Forces

Postby Yéhara » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:59 pm

To answer to one of your questions about discipline, we will form a team squad leader which depends on the mode we take on, and that squad leader will give orders over mission and strategy to adopt according to the situation, and will change if needed.

This way we will be able to improve drastically our team work and to make a game easier and fun to play with no more useless camping, like to many people camping thalims or in the other hand too many over mission and not enough fire power over Thalim. The squad leader will have to overlook the situation all the time, to guide the team and to take critical decisiosn for the team in order to keep the squad team alive !

For those who would like to join the clan, we ask to be more focussed on the spirit of the team work and discipline : this clan is not for people who wanna play solo, it's a clan for people who wanna to improve together and become a real mighty team that will overcome any type of modes and will be then able to go on some fearsome challenges to have so great fun and be proud of it !

We will also rework the admin officer that will be allowed on the map : the admin officers will not be just a rank, but they will answer people, be active, and aswell looking for resolving any problem on any type of game as private or pub game, then report over the super admin if further actions are needed !
The rank officer admin is not just to show, it's have real responsibility so if you are one of them, you must be aware of what you must do.

Like we say, no pain no gain ! :mdr1:

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