Wrong descriptions 2 & grenadier problems

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Wrong descriptions 2 & grenadier problems

Postby Merak65 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:40 pm

Wrong descriptions 2: this time it's the UT soldiers that have the wrong descriptions, many specific UT soldiers seem to have the standard rifleman description, nothing improtant but it's still a thing.

More important however is the grenadier napalm grenade, and I don't even know if it's a bug or it's intencional but people that walk in the napalm ( and die ) after the grenade landed count as teamkill, getting the grenadier sanctions and pretty much doom him to die, combine that with the fact that people don't seem to even see the fire ( dumb people or bug ? ) and you see where's the problem.
Another thing, AI seem to ignore the napalm too, I have already seen the UT guys from saber 6 just walking in it because they had to trow a grenade or something like that, if it's possible, make em avoid the fire.
I know the grenadier should always mind where he shoots any grenade, but as it is right now because of the AI that don't even mind it and the people that don't see it, the thing is not very pleasant to use.

Another grenadier problem, wich I wasn't able to repeat consistantly but if you play it i'm sure you will notice, his reload doesn't seem to always reload all kinds of grenades, the thing will grant you 6 charges of the normal grenades and randomly fail to grant you the 1 charge of other grenades.

Another thing, but I'm not sure if it's a bug or it's intencional, cancelling a reload triggers the cooldown, this in my opinion increases the importance of learning when to reload, but if it's not intencional then I make you notice.

Anyway, keep up the good work lad !

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Re: Wrong descriptions 2 & grenadier problems

Postby Znimu » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:22 pm

Thanks for your feedback/report. :)

The reload has indeed a bug, some grenades don't get a charge sometimes, I have not found when it happens or not. Even after several tests. So if you see any element which seems to be always linked to this bug, please tell me.

The cooldown should not be activated if cancelled, I will change that.

About the napalm grenade, thanks for the report, I understand the issue and will try to find a solution.

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