Coldest (Samura) suggestions for UAR

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Coldest (Samura) suggestions for UAR

Postby Znimu » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:35 am

Samura wrote:- With the cavalry scout, if you go into the "level up" submenu, the reconnaissance tooltip is wrong, level 3 states it only unlocks one skill while in reality it also unlocks the sensor tower.

Thanks for the report.

Samura wrote: - I don't like how SDM's Rapid Fire works. I think it should anchor you in place and go off whenever you try to move or when using the skill again. I say this because is really fustrating to forgot to turn the skill off and die because you have almost no movespeed. I know, "git gud" is the proper thing to say here, but I'm sure this happened to all of us at least once, and it felt really bad when that happened. Alternatively, make sprint disable rapid fire.

It is the only downside, so I won't remove this little difficulty. If you are greedy and wait for the last time to run away, you have to assume the consequences.

Samura wrote: - The Intellectual and Energetic SIs do almost exactly the same thing, they feel redundant.

No, Intellectual provides a bonus for the energy max, which is the only way to increase the energy max.
And Energetics provides more regeneration.

Samura wrote: - I don't understand what purpose paralysis trap servers ingame.

Kind of cheap barricade, you can use it to save someone as it aggro every undeads who have it in sight. You can use it too as someone said in Discord to trigger explosives, or to delay and keep the undead busy while the timer of a satchel keeps going.
It is a very important skill for the CE :)

Samura wrote: - Incendary grenades are grenades that leave an AoE on the ground, I would like to see them as a flamethrower skill, being a kiting oriented class.

Someone had the same idea, I plan a new Flamethrower weapon :
New weapon for the Flamer chapter 3 : the Incinerator
Explanation : I can add a skill to the Flamer when he picks a weapon "Incinerator", this skill would build a grenade using energy and fuel, so the Incinerator gets a charge, the flamer can use this charge to throw an incendiary grenade.

Samura wrote: - Item suggestion: Energy drink
Restores a little mana and makes running cheaper in terms of stamina for 30 seconds.

I think this item is good because of three reasons:

First one is that there is no consumable item to regain mana ingame that isn't energy cells. I find that having a little mana restoring item would be something cool.
Second one is that there is no stamina interacting item ingame, and I find that a shame. By making running cheaper in terms of stamina, drinking the beberage before starting sprinting is encouraged, that way you would use it when you know you gotta travel through the entire map.
Lastly, it also obviously helps with making covering large distance less burdersome.

Why not for the energy (not mana, heretic !), I don't know about the sprint (but it is a good idea indeed), I may study the sprint system again to see what is easily doable (for the little advantage of a new light item).

So it would need an other name, something which can temporarily boost the suit of the soldier.

An energy drink could be something which affect the combat skill, but can't be energy related.

Samura wrote: - In this thread here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=252 the OP proposed a MOS "Parachuted supply directional team". I like the idea of having a MOS responsable of supplying the team. It would be interesting to see a lot less items of everything spawn in the map, and get the stuff you need through your teammate calling the supply drops. No more of one of these per team.
Another interesting idea would be reducing the items scattered on the ground and make get-the-supplies missions.

Interesting suggestion, I note them, to think about them and decide later.

Samura wrote: - ATVs don't reveal invis, I find this weird, as all (?) electronic stuff have invis detection. This also leads to unattended convoys getting reckted by a single invisible enemy.

Seems fair, I add them an invis detection with a range of 12.

Samura wrote: - I think dropping from the ledge where the generator in mid-top map should not damage you. I know there is a little place from where you can jump and not get damaged, but the whole ledge feels like it is just 1 height, and not 2.

It is part of the global knowledge of the AO. To know where you can jump without any risk, and where you still can in emergency but with a jump injury. I won't change that. UA(R) is supposed to propose content and challenges to every kind of players : beginners and experts.

Samura wrote: - First aid kits heal more if used by medics, I don't like this. This encourages medics to carry this item, and I don't like medics carrying healing items, I see these consumables as a way of getting healed when you are away from your medic. Ofc this may something of personal preference.

It should not really encourage medics to carry these first aid kits, particularly if these medics don't use them. It is just a little bonus, that medics can have if they have to heal a lot so when their healing skills are not enough.

Thanks for these suggestions and notes :)

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Re: Coldest (Samura) suggestions for UAR

Postby Sui » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:15 am

The Energy drink sounds better like this:

Overdrive: Boost your suit for 30 seconds improving your energy restoration and decreasing your sprint consumption.

For supply maybe add some "rewards" to random quest: Kill Darreus or Kill Aptiaries dropping supplys when are dead. Add new Undead boss who drops supplies when he dies or adding new random missions.

[Random Mission] When balad mission finish if you save "10" civs they tell info to police about a possible depot of firearms from a group of radicals located in balad, and when you start to search it on balad undeads spawns.

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Re: Coldest (Samura) suggestions for UAR

Postby Znimu » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:13 pm

Interesting ideas, thanks :)

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