Skill identifiers rework suggestions

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Skill identifiers rework suggestions

Postby Merak65 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:10 pm

Skill identifiers rework
As I said in a previous post, I think UAR right now needs a '' polish and fix '' period before moving on with new ideas, in the current state of the game we see only some skill indetifiers used due to the fact that some just feel more usefull overall.
Here's my toughts about skill indentifiers and some suggestion on where i think improvements could be done.

-Quick thinking
Quick thinking seems just useless, you just get 1 level of soldier skills ( wich you need anyway for self aid ) and you have a better effect than using this SI.

Here's what I would make it do:
[ Automatically unjams your weapon – automatically uses self-aid – improves reload time by 15% ]

I am pretty sure the effect fits with the name too, you don't waste time and automatically do necessary things.

-Intelligent ( was it even called like this ? )
Not a bad SI, but energetic seems overall better, i think we could give it a bit of a buff to make it more versatile, both with and without his '' energetic '' brother.

Here's what I would do:
[ increases maximum energy by 100 – decreases all energy costs by 10 ]

This would make it far more versatile to use due to the increased energy pool and the overall energy costs reduction, but it doesn't take the EN spot because it doesn't increase regeneration.

-Heavy armor
Another case of not bad SI, but overall not usefull enough.
The main problem with the current state heavy-armor is the fact that the thing doesn't increase armor but just increases health, and it does it by an amount that even '' tough as nails '' could rival ( but that one grants extra regeneration too ).

Here's what I would do to:
[ increases armor to 4 – increases health by 20% - decreases movement speed by 0.08 ]

A bit less movement penality, but you can still feel it, a bit more resistance boost while not increasing too much the health.

-Light armor

A controvercial skill indentifier, some love it, some hate it, in my opinion the thing could be improved to better fit his name and maybe make it more appealing

Here's what I would do:
[ increases movement speed by 0.08 – decreases armor by 1 – decreases health by 15% ]

The decreased armor would better fit the '' light armor '' name, while at the same thing the thing would not render deadly a poke on the shoulder.

-Reactive fire
This is that one perk that sound good in concept but ends up just being useless on anything that doesn't have a shotgun.

Here's I would rework it:
[ increases by 40% the damage of an attack every 5 shots ]

This would make the SI be far more versatile on far more classes, maybe not prototype ... but on all the others i'm sure it would help, this because automatic guns classes shoot enough bullets to get the bonus consisntantly and slower firing classes get enough of a damage boost ( 40% on a shotgun is a lot ) to make it worth picking.

-Self sufficent
A good SI that suffers from too much unreliability due to his random nature.

I would improve his reliability:
[ increases self-aid healing to 55 hp ; self-aid removes moderate aliments ]

We trade a bit of maximum-potencial healing ( it used to be 70 ) for some more consistant healing and moderate aliments removal.

-Always ready
This perk is just ... meh ? I mean, I get his point to make it easier to survive the first minutes of the game, but it doesn't seem to offer enough of a long-term benefit.

Here's how I would rework it:

[ grants a extra starting skill point ]

We don't give it a starting higher level that anyway needs to be conpensated later, we just flat out give it 1 more skill point, wich can really come in handy both on start game and on end game, but doesn't necessarly makes other skill indentifiers outdated.
Notice that I mean that previous bonuses are gone, thing would not make you spawn with items and would not make you start level 3.

-Combat load
This perk takes the crown for being the number 1 bad perk, increased ammo cealing is pretty much useless on the board.

Here's I would rework it:
[ allows player to carry multiple armors and weapons ( but he can only use 1 ) - reduces movement speed penalty from carrying heavy items ]

With this, we would make '' combat load '' the best friend of the roamer that seeks to bring items to his team, the best kind of roamer in my opinion, and with the reduced speed penalty when bringing heavy stuff, it would allow him to help with combat walker items better.

This particular SI has one problem, the fact that you usually wanna unlock soldier skills level 4 anyway if you are using a class that gets close to danger, i think the SI itself is rather good but I would sightley buff it for a longer-term benefit.

Here's what I would do:
[ Unlocks rifle butt from the start – increases knockback by 1 tile if you get soldier skills level 4 ]

From the start it's the same, if you unlock the upgrade that it would make it useless you get a bit of a buff insted, as simple as good.

-Battle Buddy
A really fun and cheesy perk, but it tends to end on the '' not so usefoul '' side because of how ... mediocre minis are

Here's how I would improve it
[ battle buddy can be revived from his owner once every 10 minutes ]

With this, we don't make the battle buddy overpowered or anything like that, we just make it '' be there '' even if the owner gets him killed, the long cooldown would still make him survive a better choiche, but at least you have not wasted a SI over 1 mistake.

-The other skill indentifiers seem all pretty good to me and I am curious to see how do the pick rates change if you decide to rework them as I suggested, anyway let me ear what you guys think about the suggestion.

Good luck with the developement Znimu, and keep up the good work !

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Re: Skill identifiers rework suggestions

Postby Znimu » Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:03 pm

Quick Thinking : I would keep reload time and unjam -20%, so + auto unjam + auto self heal.

Intellectual : I may increase again the energy max provided, but i won't reduce all energy costs as it would be a huge work.

Heavy Armor : OK, increases armor to 4 – increases health by 20% - decreases movement speed by 0.08.

Light Armor : increases movement speed by 0.1 – decreases armor by 1 – decreases health by 20% (I prefer to keep the +0.1 move speed as it is supposed to compete with Twinkle Toes which adds +0,06 without any downside).

Reactive Fire : I think that I won't change this one (I have already reduced the delay by 1s from UA 3), it seems more adapted to slow firing classes indeed, but why not ? Quick firing classes have other SIs interesting.

Self Sufficient : I don't want a 100% moderate ailments removal, as it would be too powerfull imo, and it would destroy the medics team-play. It could remain a chance, maybe improved indeed. I would see something like my suggestion for the Elite medic aura but with a random chance, so this improved heal would try to "heal" a moderate ailment if there is one, else (if no moderate ailment or fail) it tries to heal a minor ailment. The amount of heal would be unchanged. // An other idea would be that if the unit has an ailment, the heal becomes longer to cast, with some debuff (unable to jump, sprint, attack or any ability), but I would even prefer a second self heal so the player could decide if he prefers just a quick self-heal or to try to remove an ailment. The self heal could then become a menu to chose which heal to use. Maybe too complicated, I don't know, just an idea I have right now ^^'

Always Ready : many Sfaat loves this one, I won't change it.

Combat Load : not totally satisfied by your idea, and I will have first to try to make the weapons and armors pickable in other slots than the intended (so without to get the bonus), then we will be more able to see what is doable.

Barbaric : seems a good idea, I need to check if it is easy to do (with an upgrade it should be easy to do, but I have to confirm).

Battle Buddy : I agree that this SI is frustrating, if someone kills your mini by mistake or something. Seems fine, an auto-revive (actual a new buddy) 10min after its death.

Thanks for your studies and suggestions Merak :)

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Re: Skill identifiers rework suggestions

Postby Merak65 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:45 pm

Comment about your comment:

-Always Ready
I see your point with always ready, and I bow with humility at the SFAATs that want to defend city early.

-Intellectual ( it wasn't Intellingent right ? )
I understand that the IT rework as I suggested it is not possible, thus your suggestion to make it increase the overall energy of the class is as simple as effective, maybe make it give immunity to energy leaks too, since you have a large energy pool, you don't wanna loose it to 1 hit and bad luck!

I would stick to the decreased overall healing but increased average healing idea, and with the aliments I would personally not make it luck based, else we might lower the skill cealing of the game.
Instead, why don't we make it grant a 15 seconds buff called ... I dunno '' Wound stabilized '', where you would take reduced damage from bleeding, be faster with broken leg ( not as fast as without the aliment indeed ) and prevent energy leaks ?
This would make self-sufficent a great option to give you a bigger breathing room to take out the treath that did hurt you and then run to a medic for him to fully take care of the eventual damage/aliments.

-Combat Load
So you don't want the OP teamplaying roamer ... ( just kidding )
Oh well, I could still suggest increased inventory slots, but you said it yourself that it's a pain to do...
Maybe make it give increased ammo per mag ? But why would that ever fit with the name combat load ? ... tough one man, il'l think about it.

-Reactive Fire
I understand what you mean, but I still think that having an SI only viable for a few classes only is not particularly good, my suggestion was to make it a bit more of an '' all-class '' viable option.

-Light armor
You won't belive me, but at first I suggested .1 increase too, but then, fearing to make it a bit too powerfoul, I nerfed the suggestion to make it even with heavy armor... if you think .1 is fine then I can only be happy :)

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