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New Skill Identifiers suggestions

Postby Merak65 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:00 am

Ideas for some new Skill Identifiers.
I know, UAR right now has a lot of bugs and things that need to be fixed, I said it myself that the mode now needs a '' polish and fix '' period, however I had these skill identifiers ideas for some time and I think it's time to share em:

-IR '' Immunitary Response ''
[ Grants immunity to severe aliments and energy leaks ].

I would make so that this SI is unlocked trough a high WO level, making potencially usefull a combo with PU and IT ( for the avoided energy leaks ) and to make it a viable choiche for ghosts, that don't want to get a bad aliment in enemy territory.

-EM '' Extended Mags ''
[ Increases ammo capacity of each mag ]

Simple and effective for those that want to shoot more bullets without wasting too many mags, the amount of increase ammo would vary based on the weapon used, I would recommend:
Assault rifle: + 10 rounds/mag
Light machine gun: +20 rounds/mag
Sub machine gun and carbines: + 15 rounds/mag
DMR and KW experimental: + 5 rounds/mag

I would personally make this SI a high EN level unlock, for the EN classes are usually the highest ammo-consuming ones.

-LN '' Local National ''
[ Starts off with map already explored and with cache locations already marked ]

Probably controvercial ( <-- potencial grammar error ) but undeniably usefull SI that would primarly be picked by roamers to get all the goodies as fast as possible to help the team out.
I don't think this will pass trough without a debate or a rework, but I think this SI has a great potencial.

I would make this SI unlocked trough a particular challenge, I would suggest something like '' Win nightmare as SFAAT ''.

-JG '' Javelin Gunner '' ( javelin gunner specific SI )
[ improves rockets and explosives ]

I feel as if the javelin gunner needs some loving, for it's really energy-hugry and suffers from considerable cooldowns right now, a way to help him out would be trough a specific SI for him that would increase his power.
Here's what it would do in specific:
Decreases energy cost of AT rocket by 15 and cooldown by 5 seconds.
Grants HE rocket 2 charges, cooldown and energy cost stayes the same.
Decreases cooldown of '' Explosive charge '' by 10 seconds.
Increaes damage of claymore to 800, claymore slows down non-massive targets by 30% for 2 seconds.

Since it's a class-specific SI, I think it should by unlocked by winning nightmare as a javelin gunner.

Let me ear what you guys think, and as always, good luck with the developement Znimu!

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