Ideas for some new modifiers

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Ideas for some new modifiers

Postby Merak65 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:05 am

New modifiers ideas
I've got some ideas for some new modifiers, I'm the first one that thinks UAR needs a '' polish and rework '' period, but I wanted to get these things off my chest for potencial future developement:

-New modifier: '' Essentials ''
[Increases experience by 15%, but only basic classes can be picked ( not compatible with rifle modifier )]
Essnetial classes would be:
Riflemans – Medics – Automatic riflemans – SDM – Platoon leader.

As the name suggests, only essentials ( and old ! ) classes would be pickable, but this mod is not as limiting as rifle, as it still leaves enough class variety to properly confront any situation.

-New modifier: '' No failure ''
[Sucessful objectives grant 25% increaed experience, but failing an objective results in the game to be lost.]

No failure, if you do your objectives you get extra experience, but you cannot afford to loose any.
This is a rather extreme modifier, so I'll put another version of it in case you feel like you can't tecnically implement such thing in the game or you would prefer not to implement it at all:

-New modifier: '' No failure '' ( alternate version )
[ Successful objectives grant 25% increased experience, but penalty for failing objectives is increased by 100% ]

A bit less extreme, but still focused around the '' must play the objective '' mentality.

-New modifier '' Darkness ''
[ Increases exp gained by 15%, but the map is always dark ( not the fog darkness, the Thanatos darkness ) ]

Simple in concept, this modifier would become the '' make flares great again '' mode, not impossible to deal with, I think this mode would be a fun introduction not only to get more exp, but would also make for a good achievement requirement ground (just imagine a SI unlocked by winning this mod)

This last modifier would be a bit jittery to make, what happens when fog, Thanatos or atmospheric stabilizers come ? But in full honesty, I think that not making anything happen during those events wouldn't bother anyone ... The only problem I really see would be the dialogues, it would be a bit dumb to see a soldier saying '' What's this darkness, I can't see anything '' when there's already darkness around him ...
Maybe make so that when this event comes all flares burn-out instantly ? But at that point this modifier, that doesn't seem hard to make, would increase in complexity...
Well, if we go down the rabbit hole this may require a more in-depth look and discussion.

Anyway, let me ear what you guys think and, as always, good luck with the developement Znimu!

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Re: Ideas for some new modifiers

Postby jiangyan » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:01 pm

Want Darkness!!!!!!!!!!! Darkness modifier sounds really good, and also pretty challenging and funny :hehe:

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Re: Ideas for some new modifiers

Postby Znimu » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:27 pm

Good ideas.

'' Essentials '' : I think that I can build it quite easily, copying and adjusting the rifle modifier. I would probably name it "Restricted" thought.

'' No failure '' : it makes me think to a hardcore modifier : one mission fail = lose ; no XP if lose. If victory, every missions XP is earnt with 25% bonus + could add a new camo unlocked on victory for Nightmare mode + this modifier. Maybe renammed in "Pro or not".

'' Darkness '' : I like the concept, but what about the existing darkness ? No point to trigger a darkness with Thanatos if the modifier has already set a global darkness.

Proposed by Wizard few ago (I just put the idea to not forget or get reactions if any, I have not decided) :
PMC / Quarantine modifier (by Wizard) : Well the pmc one can be inside the quarantine one. The point of these are that IL level is lowered to 30 or 25, mutations occur much more frequently than now, pmc death squads are sent depending on il and their strenght varies with it so il30 is a small squad rifleman, but get il lvl 100 and you get the big guns, also the zombies might get powerfull variants of themself ( leapers become hunterlings, boomers have a chance to become kaboomers, lickers can become chokers, and even a stank if the il becomes high enough?
if you fuck up mission you will get one hell of a party if you keep everything nice and tight these wont bother you too much. Try camping survival hill now.

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Re: Ideas for some new modifiers

Postby Merak65 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:43 pm

-About darkness:
I even wrote it in the description itself it would be jittery to make because of the existing one ...
And I have also wrote a possible solution, when a event-darkness comes, flares burn out and flashlights stop working ? So you must refresh them, and fast, if you wanna live.

-About the '' No failure '':
I wouldn't make it give no exp at all if you fail an objective, this would be pushing things too far I fear.
Also, with how dumb some objective AIs are ( saber commander is flat-out suicidal for example ), that frankly would become frustrating.

-About the quarantine modifier:
I fraknly don't know man.
I mean ... everyone is complaining that the IL rasies too fast and that the mutations now make 4 man games impossible, I don't see why adding in a mod that takes that even further would be ever played.
That said, the concept behind it is good, would love to see some unit-mutations that are beyond buffs ...
And what about the PMC ? Would it get ignored by zombies ? Or would it simply die to the mutated stuff ?
I think this modifier needs a considerable thinking about it, for we bearly ever see 1 life modifier, I imagine this to be picked even less times.

-For the '' Essentials '' that you wanna rename '' Restricted '':
Well, good ! Don't have much to say about it.

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Re: Ideas for some new modifiers

Postby Sui » Fri May 12, 2017 7:04 am

"No failure" : It´s a good idea, and the two options are viable the soft version [ Successful objectives grant 25% increased experience, but penalty for failing objectives is increased by 100% ] it´s more suited for pub games and making people works on missions and the "harcore version" [Sucessful objectives grant 25% increaed experience, but failing an objective results in the game to be lost.] more oriented to old players who wants some challenges.

About "Essentials" ill go more far and make another suggestion:

" Team Squad " : In this mod you need to select a squadron from the UT army, maybe it can be selected randomly. Every squadron only have 12 units unlocked and this mod only can be played on full lobbys. Let´s place some examples:

- Squad 785 "Fire Hound" : Unlocked units 6 Flamethrower 2 Medics 1 Cavalry Scout 1 Platoon Leader 2 Automatic Rifleman.

- Squad 333 "Black Wing" : Unlocked Units 6 Rifleman 1 Medic 1 Cavalry Scout 2 Engineer 2 Walker.

- Squad 051 "Insert name" : Unlocked units 4 Rifleman 2 Medics 2 Grenadier 2 Javelin Gunner 2 Cyborg.

This way you can play different compositions, but you are limited to the 12 units on the squad and if some squad was to op it can be nerfed changing some units.

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Re: Ideas for some new modifiers

Postby Merak65 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:56 pm

Very interesting suggestion, but I fear that if you give the possibility to choose composition, then people will start only using the currently strongest one... Instead, if you make it randomized, then either people won't play it or will restart untill they get the good composition ...

It would be interesting to either go '' full-random '', with a modifier that assigns classes randomly, or to make it a ''one-composition-only'' kind of modifier as I originally suggested.

But, hey, I might just be worrying too much and people might like the challenge of the randomized teams !
Anyway, good suggestion, very interesting.

PS: squad 051 '' Scorched earth '' ( given the amounts of explosives aviable to it ;P )

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