Regular zombies descriptions suggestion

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Regular zombies descriptions suggestion

Postby Merak65 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:49 pm

Zombies description suggestion ( Following my '' polish and fix '' policy, it's time to add in something that has been missing for far too long ! In this particular post, I suggested the description for the most common of the swarming-enemies )

A regular zombie, he's not that much of a treat alone, but large numbers of them can get very dangerous, and zombies tend to stick in hordes.

A zombie that has suffered several mutations that have made him slighty stronger and faster than the regular counterpart, they stick in hordes too, so don't let em swarm you.

A regular zombie that has suffered a mutation that has increased his GH production, resulting him in being taller, stronger and tougher to kill.

Having suffered the horrible fate of being '' turned '' alive, these foes are significantly faster than the regular counterparts, but they are also quite fragile.

Having developed a thick spore-armor, these targets are resistant to small arms fire and to fragmentation-based explosives.

Not much is known about these creatures, it has been observed that they stick in smaller numbers compared to regular zombies, however they tend to come in the more unexpected moments.

Born from a mutated creeper, the leaper is comparable to a risen in terms of raw-strenght, what really makes em dangerous is their ability to '' leap '' on their target and smash them while landing, dealing devastating damage.

Filled of volatile-chemicals, these creatures are faster than regular zombies and explode upon death.

The marsh-adaptiation of the boomer, these creatures are filled with a strong acid tha spills everywhere upon death.

It has been observed ( trought studies of plague-vectors ) that these creatures are somehow a evolution of the swollen, they lack their ability to explode, but they have grown stronger, tougher and faster.
Also, they have developed a necrotic venom that they inject in their victim upon having contact with em.

Female of the '' Zergling '' strain, these creatures are significantly tougher than a regular zombie, and they can charge their victims at considerable speed.

Male of the '' Zergling '' strain, they are far smaller but faster than their female counterpart, making them very dangerous if not dealt-with fast enough.

A mutated charger that has grown bigger, stronger and faster, their ability to resist a direct-impact from a rocket or a grenade makes using small-arms fire a far better options to take em down.

This particular creature has developed the ability to spit a disabling and damaging acid aganist his victims, it features a very fast health-regeneration, so it's best to take it out with something that oneshots it.

Only recently confirmed to be a mutation of a roach, the brucus is able to regenerate his wouds faster than any other kind of enemy, making small-arms fire practically useless aganist it.
Also, they seem to be able to trow a spike at short distances, so don't let them get too close.

Male of the '' bat '' strain, these creatures come in large numbers and can shred soldiers in a blink of an eye, it's highly recommend to use incendiary rounds or airbursting grenades aganist them.

Female of the '' bat '' strain, these creatures come in large numbers and are extremly dangerous if they get a jump on you, so don't let em.

Locusts are quite weak, even for a flyer, but their ability to fly and their '' hive-mentality '' that leads em to attack in large numbers has made em very dangerous if not spotted in-time.
If you suspect there are some around, it's higly recommended to use flares or requie an orbital scan to spot em.

A true death machine, charging at high speeds aganist his opponents and slamming them for devastating damage.
They are not particularly tough for a tier 1 enemy, making most of the rockets able to take em down in a single blow, don't let em get close by any means necessary.

This infected marine now uses a mutated sticky tentacle to pull his victims towards him, often to make other zombies end the job for him.
Don't let him get close, especially with other treats around.

This creature will randomly use his sticky tongue to block a victim, disable it and allow other zombies to kill it.
For some reason, it only sometimes decides to use his tongue on their victims, other times he tries to kill em personally using his claws.
Either way, take it out fast before he licks and immoblizes you.

These foes are fat and slow, but they are really tough to take out compared to other tier-3 class hostiles, since they tend to stick in hordes, try to use explosives to take em all out at once, otherwise it will take a lot of ammo.

Eels bite causes an electrical overload in the soldier's suit, and since they usually bite your legs, they can slow you down and make you vulnerable to other foes.
Eels are also particular in another way, they are monogamous, and only a couple of em at the time will leave their main nest.

Invisible to naked eye, krill is a fast flyer that will attack his victims without even being spotted.
It's recommended to use flares, flashlights or special optics to spot em before they can get you.

The name sayes it all, a stealth creature that stalks his victims and charges em when they are not suspecting it.
Use any kind of bright light aviable to spot em before it's too late.

Directly copy and past em or chage em up a bit, I posted these primarly in the hope to adress this long-missing feature and maybe take off some work of Znimu and Yehara.
Let me ear what you think about em lads, and ( as always ) good luck with the developement Zni and Yer !

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Re: Regular zombies descriptions suggestion

Postby Znimu » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:28 pm

Thanks for that Merak, I have added them. :)

Maybe you can do :
- Thresher Maw
- Thanatos
- Tarantula
- Pooch
- Plague vector
- Morbus
- Minerva
- Metasis
- Livid
- Lelantos
- Immussilus
- ICBM Silo
- Horror
- Grotesque
- Gourmand
- Darreus
- Cougher
- Cacumen
- Ares
- Arachnid Mother
- Arachnathid
- Apiary

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Re: Regular zombies descriptions suggestion

Postby Merak65 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:37 pm

Will do, and btw, Horror already has a description ( don't ask why, you put it in ... )

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