Special zombies descriptions suggestion

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Special zombies descriptions suggestion

Postby Merak65 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:54 am

-Thresher Maw
A rare sight on the battlefield, these giant worm-like creatures crush everything in their path, however their tendency to strike in a straight line often exposes their head to explosives and even small-arms fire.

Essentially a junvenile Darreus, these creatures cover their surroundings in a blinding cloud that they use to move around untill they find a victim to abduct, at that point they lure it towards em, often making other nearby zombies end the job for him.

Youngling of a arachnid, these creatures are still weak and frigle, but they are rather fast and they can quickly swarm their victims, so try to keep the distance.

Mutated from a dog that has been exposed to the virus, this creature comes at the most unexpected moments in small groups, running towards their victims at high speed.
They are not very tough, so it's higly recommended the use of small-arms fire to take em out before they reach you.

-Plague Vector
The plague vectors are large maturation chambers that contain multiple swollens that are mutating into curseds, try to destroy them before the process is complete.
It has been observed that multiple eels are contained in the chamber too, however their presence in the maturation process is still unclear.

Sole known member of the '' Infestor '' strain, these creatures spout a ball of dense acid at great distances, often wrecking havoc upon the unsuspecting vicitms.
When they spit their acid they make a rather unique sound, that allows to target their location almost perfectly accuratley, it's higly recommended to use Anti-Tank rockets to take em out.

Female of the '' Ursadon '' strain, this creature has traits between a leaper and a hunter, being able both to charge his victims at high-speeds and to leap on em from considerable distances.
She's not the toughest of the tier-1 enemies, however her agility makes it hard to hit her with rockets and grenades, making small-arms fire a more viable option.

It's very hard to encounter someone that has faced this creature and has lived to tell it, thus not much is known about it.
Seemingly showing up from nowhere, this creature flies above his preys and practically bombs them with a red subjstance that causes massive injuries.
It's higly advised to keep the distance and take it out using rockets and machine-guns.

Westley Adams, mayor of Thalim, has somehow mutated into this creature ...
No data has been found in the UT archives about anything even similar to this, but initial scans suggest the creature is highly capable of regenrating his wounds and can travel very fast.

This creature needs some time to maturate and reach his adult form, while it is immature, it can produce a limited amout of toxic-spores and primarly tries to flee from any treat.
Upon maturation the creature regenerates his wounds and will then start attacking his opponents with a much higher amount of toxic-spores compared to his previous form.

Essentially a evolved Shredder, this creature has grown bigger, tougher, stronger and with the ability to leech health from his victims, for this reason it's higly advised to keep the distance and don't let him bite anyone.

-ICBM Silo
This silo, upon detonation, will relase in the air massive amounts of toxins and viral agents that will spread the infection everywhere.
The silo has been covered in pheromones to lure lelantoses, probably in the hope that they would keep away eventual intruders, but the cretures have instead opted the location as a nest for their younglings.

A flying horror that spits acid
( this description is already in the game, and it was the only one untill a couple of days ago ... go figure! )

Mutated from a gourmand, this massive creature is extremly tough to kill and can shred almost anything in a single blow, but it suffers from the same vulnerability of his predecessors, he is slow and he must get on top of his victims to stomp em, making hit-and-run tactics the most effective way to take him out.

Mutated from a glutton, this massive tier-1 hostile is very tough to take down and can easily destroy whatever it hits.
It's recommended to use rockets to take him down from the safety of the distance.

A giant mutated scarab that has grown a thick armor layers that protect him from incoming small-arms fire, it uses its strong mandibles to tear trough whatever gets in his way.
This creature is soo big it can move from different ground-levels without the need of a ramp, limiting high ground advantage and making preferable hit-and-run tactics.

No data about this creature has been found in iSAR archives.

The most dangerous of the tier-1 hostiles, this creature has taken too many lives to count; it is able to destroy everything it hits in 1 to 2 hits, it doesn't need a ramp to switch from ground levels, it is the toughest of the hostiles that can be encountered and his massive legs allow him to run faster than almost any soldier.

Male of the '' Ursadon '' strain, cthis creature is faster, tougher and stronger than the female countepart.

-Arachnid Mother
Also known as the '' Spider mother '', this big mutated spider carries her younglings on his back, always looking for something to feed em.
It's higly advised to take it out from the distance, since the young spiders can jump off her back and start attacking too.

The sole known mutation of the '' Scorpion '' strain, this creature dashes towards his victims at high speed, slashing them and ending up behind em, where it will finish em with his deadly sting.

This creature uses a constant acid bombardament to take out nearby hostiles, while it somehow breeds flyers to attack preys that are out of his range.
It's higly recommended to use explosives and rockets to take him out outside of his bombardament range.

This singular creature can ignore different terrain levels, making it hard to outrun them, and has a high-voltage current bite that can stun his victims.
Drakes tend to stick in small groups, usually of 5 individuals, so it's recommended to use explosives to take em all out at once.

Hope it helps, good luck with the developement Zni !

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Re: Special zombies descriptions suggestion

Postby Znimu » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:51 am

Thanks Merak, I have changed some few things, but it was nice descriptions globally.

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