Vehicle unique aliments suggestion

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Vehicle unique aliments suggestion

Postby Merak65 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:42 am

For my '' polish and rework '' suggestion series, it's time to put in the game a feature that has been missing since the introduction of the combat walker, and that becomes more needed for each vehicle that gets added-in:

Vehicle aliments ! Here's some suggestions about em:

-Engine damaged ( minor )
Primary engine has been damaged, making the vehicle unable to achieve maximum speed.
[ duration: 45 seconds – effect: reduced movement speed by 25% ]

-Oil leak ( minor )
A small oil leak is damaging the vehicle internals and it's causing the engine some overheating problems.
[ duration: 45 seconds – effect: reduced movement speed by 5% ; takes 1% hp of damage every scecond ]

-Optics knocked out ( moderate )
Targeting optics have been temporarly disabled, making long-range target acquiring much harder.
[ duration: 30 seconds – effect: reduced vision to 7 ; reduced range to 10 ]

-Coolant leak ( moderate )
A coolant leak is causing massive overheating problems in the gun and in the engine components.
[ duration: 30 seconds – effect: reduced movement speed by 15% ; takes 2% hp of damage every second – reduced rate of fire by 10% ]

-Gun breech damaged ( moderate )
The gun breech has been damaged, making it far less ueffective untill it gets repaired
[ duration: 30 seconds – effect: reduced rate of fire by 25% ; reduced damage by 15% ]

-Electrical failure ( moderate )
The primary generator has been hit and it's no-longer working, residue energy is draining fast.
[ duration: 45 seconds – effect: no energy regeneration ; leaks 5% energy every second ]

-Critical engine damage ( severe )
Engine compartement has been critically damaged and is now on fire, switched to emergency engine only untill damage is solved.
[ duration: 30 seconds – effect: reduced movement speed by 55% ]

-Ammo rack exploded ( severe )
An ammo rack has exploded.
[ notification duration: 10 seconds – effect: upon getting this aliment, you get damaged by 40% of your health ( and have access to a notification of what happened for 10 seconds ) ]

Let me hear what you think about em, and as always, good luck with the developement Zni and yehar !

PS: Reading it back I realized that for now there would be no way of healing those aliments but waiting for them to time-out ... so why not make engineers '' fix-ray '' have a 20% chanche to remove an aliment every second ?
A similar thing has already been done on the prototype T.R.O.L. protocol and works fine, so it shouldn't even be that hard to do I guess.

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