Medic needs love

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Medic needs love

Postby GGG » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:05 pm

With a good team, you dont notice the impact of a medic so everythings good but with any random lobby group the team falls apart real quick if one class(medic) is missing or incompetant. It just discourages new players from getting into it and the games popularity is already very low even during peak hours.

This is just my opinion on how medic performs in lobby groups after playing nearly 100 games.

1- Revive takes too long to cast. Cant count how many times i have to run somewhere far to revive and when i get there i cant revive because cast time is too long with 50 zombies on my back. No other class is handicapped from using their abilities in such a situation. You can dodge and create distance then try again to revive and suddenly dogs come running at light speed and you have to run again. And if you are the only one alive, reviving your team is impossible when the entire map is running after you. Should be 1,2,3 revive.

2- High energy costs and cooldowns. Medics are always the lowest in DPS at the end of the game yet when action kicks off i cant do much other than wait for someone to die and throw two cures and action ends. Both heals take forever to CD and if i decide to kite, which i do sometimes since noone else is, i risk dying and then its gg.

Just seems like its the most boring class to play while being the most important one at times and your primary role is to cure broken limbs and revive and nothing else. They get nothing fun to do like other classes. Recently unlocked Ghost and the first thought to mind was why doesnt medic get infinite camouflage. Or an exclusive weapon. Even the shield doesnt give + Movement speed.

Yeah we get to buff here and there and do stuff on the side but its a very dull class to start with. Why cant we shoot lasers or suppress groups of enemies for a few seconds.

I want to say more but its already a wall of text

/end. Beautiful game btw.

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Re: Medic needs love

Postby Znimu » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:07 am


The medic is a support class, if she were doing more damage, people would just go drugs and boost themselves while it is always better to boost a cyborg in early and AR or SDM in late game.
The medic requires team-play and it is fine like that. She has a very high survivability, so to add damage would broke something.

And I have already added several things to the medic (the shield, the quick cast pannel).

Maybe I will do the Phoenix as the next MOS as the tank seems to be just a turret any way I would build it, wich is not very funny. Or maybe the Troop transport...

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Re: Medic needs love

Postby kisonator » Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:28 pm

it seems to me that the doctor just needs to add 6 seconds of total invisibility in the ability so that he can solo resurrect a partner in a crowd of mobs or switch the enemy's attention to others in order to be saved. The Medic has 3 buffs, but in fact they are the same. It is better to make 1 buff, but with increasing it in the process of upgrading the skill.

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