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FSS player help

Postby phaeton » Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:03 pm

First of all, I admire all work done with FSS. Its great class, with big potencial.

I would like to humbly suggest some kind of profiles to be saved for Call for fire. Like 4-5 various settings which could be easily accessed. It shouldn't be necessarily saved for all games, it may be saved on start of every game if it would be problematic to do.

Reason is to help FSS players, and also ppl die in this game mostly bcs of typing :) Typing all settings while also trying to kite its very hard (not undoable, but tough).

So fast switching between modes/profiles would help a lot. While mode would be switched, there could be small message with all settings just to be sure (similar to what "-s" does in game).
Also i like -cff mode to switch angles, but for what it does, could it be (possibility to make switch it to) 10x smaller size and moved to side? That way it could stay all time on screen without need to hide it.

Also since there are given values for max and min numbers (shells, delay etc) maybe its possible to move settings from keyboard input to something visual - adding picture of rough idea.

One last thing in the end. After launching cff or railgun, would it be possible to see some mini countdown? This would help a ton for others classes with call for fire as well. Can imagine its possible in real life, count when shell will land from calling for it. Running blind on the other hand causing deadly moments and wasted shells. If this countdown would be visible for team, it may actually cause some teamplays around CFF, kiting for FSS without need doing it himself and more.
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Re: FSS player help

Postby Lazarus » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:30 am

I also feel FSS need some love. It's been like this since UA2 and it's annoying to type while there is too much action goin on.

One thing that that is the most annoying for me is setting direction of fire missions. Instead of writing -d 90, -d n etc maybe it would be better to use mechanic similar to Prototypes weapon.
What I mean is 3 step setup:
1) left click on ground to set the base of vector
2) rotate mouse to pick your dream vectors angle
3) left click again to release hell on zombies
Setting -r to 0 would make strep 2 and 3 go away.

Adding profiles for settings to F1-F5 like Phaeton suggested would help alot.

Imagine you see a string of PMCs comming trough the bridge. You hit F3 where you got stored settings -s5 -i0.5 -r4 then you use the 3 step setup to set perfect angle and you masacre them all. Few second later grotesque spawns and you hit F1 where you got stored -s10 -i0.2 -r0 and you release all 10 shells right on this fatso.

This could be done so old commands would work as they work now but you could use new system with stored settings as well.

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