New class : the FP-500 Combat Walker

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Re: New class : the FP-500 Combat Walker

Postby 6eXo9 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:39 pm

HELLOO ok ok my thoughts on the CW

coz i was bug reporting then realised they dont fit there.

Actually dont see the point of 2x rocket skills (esp since emi rockets are pathetic dmg, who will use them?) aoe stun is a little op (nt to mention hard to use!) and currently bugged. suggest just engineer's flash skill instead or better yet, have maybe a defensive passive skill tree loaded with stuff, sorta like Jav gunner skills ? just some suggestions below .

Mech mods (more levels improves other skills)
1. repair bots (life regen passive at 0.5 life/s) or repair 25% life, but move and attack speed hallved for 10/8/6/4s, 100 energy, (repair bot can be targetted and killed by zombies)
2. Afterburners- extends air time by 1s per level or air speed by 10% per level
3. missile locks. reduces missile charge up time by 1s per level
4. missile stun (0.7s per level)
5.High energy Capacitors - energy regen up by 0.1 per level
Lvl 4: unlocks Reconstruction: Can trigger repair bots repair you to 25% life from death after 20s (10 minute c/d)

Downtime (max 10s) repair (50hp/s?), reload and reset all cooldowns to X seconds, can be cancelled after reload is done, affected by QT and main guns skill.

Also suggest some unique vehicular debuffs from zombies that can only be fixed by the above 2 skills or an engineer/repair bot
1. Armour pierced (tier 1s have 20% chance to remove all armour buffs to base amour or 20% chance to remove 4 armour per stack)
2. shaky bolts (medium) repair bot/engin needed, (same debuff as hemorrage 3)
3. Endoskeletal compromise (same as broken leg with the speed reduction, cannot fly as well!)
4. short circuit: same eel thingy but all zombies have chance to deal it when in river.
5. Zombie in the works! live zombie lodged into frame, deals dmg/time until dislodged by engineer/max downtime.

lovely work :) Hope blizz doesnt update to screw u up again haha

EDIT: WHAT ARE THE WALKER UNLOCKS?! I cant find them :( I only know they have to be done in some arcane order starting with killing 100 zombies w rockets then...nada...
Pilot skills lvl 2 and 3 and 4??

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Re: New class : the FP-500 Combat Walker

Postby Znimu » Fri Dec 02, 2016 12:01 am

Hey Exo, thanks for your detailed feedback. :)

What is the bug with rockets ?

Your ideas are interesting but I won't change that much the walker now. He is already quite powerfull if used right. An other idea not done yet was to reduce the cooldown of rocket with levels. Maybe your ideas could be used for vehicle items later.

The first unlock is the flare launcher, you should have a mission which starts automatically (kill 100 undeads with rockets). You can watch the unlocks in the Z menu of the additional commands.

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Re: New class : the FP-500 Combat Walker

Postby Orel » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:52 am

Let's discuss the infamous CW reload time and Rockets

1. Reload:
Base reload time is 20 seconds.
Which can be reduced to 8 seconds (if I understood correctly) however it requires level 8

Maybe reduce base attack speed by 15% but remove reload requirement completely (flamer style)?
Main Weaponry Skill could improve burst length and Chassis lvl 4 could buff Movement Speed by 20% (or less?) instead.

This however will make class quite shallow.
To compensate: engine overheating could be unlocked earlier (maybe Chassis lvl 2?) and should be considered base line for DPS build.

2. Rockets:
Rockets feels still bit too underdeveloped, and IEM rockets not worth spending points on them.

Example redesign:

Ability Removed - IEM Rockets

Ability Updated - Rockets
Level 1 - Adds Rockets and IEM Rockets skills. (note increased energy cost and damage)
- Rockets 1200 DMG, 200 Energy
- IEM Rockets 300 DMG, 175 Energy, 1.5 seconds stun
Level 2 - Improves both rocket types
- Rockets 1800 DMG, 175 Energy
- IEM Rockets 400 DMG, 150 Energy, 2 seconds stun
Level 3 - Further rocket improvement
- Rockets 2600 DMG, 150 Energy
- IEM Rockets 500 DMG, 130 Energy, 3 seconds stun
Level 4 - Final rocket improvement
- Rockets 3600 DMG, 130 Energy
- IEM Rockets 600 DMG, 115 Energy, 5 seconds stun

New Ability - Internal Reactor Upgrade
- Each level improves movement speed by 0.1 and energy regeneration by 1 per second
Level 1 - Increase Rocket and IEM Rocket Range
Level 2 - Reduce Cooldown and Energy cost of Turbo
Level 3 - Reduce Cooldown and Energy cost of Lift
Level 4 - Removes requirement of thermal lock for Rockets (too OP?)
Level 4 Alternative - Removes Initial energy cost of Engine Overheat

Anyway, this is too much work, so I don't know how reasonable this will be.

P.S.: Still waiting for CW items drop :-)

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