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Rework : Mutations

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:59 am
by Znimu

I present the rework of the mutation to clarify what I will really do.

So there will be several effects of mutations, it could increase :
- the armor
- the hitpoints
- the health regeneration
- the move speed
- the attack speed
- the damage
- the range (for ranged undeads)
- the time scale ? (it accelerates everything of an unit, the move speed, the attack speed, the cooldowns, etc.)
- add a new poison to the attacks
- make the undead unvisible
- evolve in a bigger undead

I think that when the IL reaches 40 or more, the undeads will have a chance to get one of these mutations, then as the time spent they will have more and more chance to get a mutation while the IL is above 40. Each time they get a mutation, their chance to get a mutation is a lot lowered, then increases with time.
So the chance to mutate of an undead is independant of the other undeads.

If the IL keeps raising, it will increase the chance of mutations too.

The mutations can stack with each others, and even with themselves. What I have not decided is if to stack with themselves it would require a high IL or not.

Re: Rework : Mutations

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:22 am
by Znimu
Some news about the mutation, just to speak about it (as the full system is not released yet).

Mutations built for now :
- Armor lvl 1 : +2 armor
- Armor lvl 2 : +5 armor

- Attack speed lvl 1 : + 50%
- Attack speed lvl 2 : + 120%

- Damage lvl 1 : +40%
- Damage lvl 2 : +100%

- Hitpoints lvl 1 : +5%
- Hitpoints lvl 2 : +12%

- Hyperactive lvl 1 : timescale +4%
- Hyperactive lvl 2 : timescale +10%

- Move speed lvl 1 : +0.4
- Move speed lvl 2 : +1

- Range lvl 1 : +1.5
- Range lvl 2 : +4

- Regeneration lvl 1 : +2% of hitpoints /s
- Regeneration lvl 1 : +5% of hitpoints /s

Mechanics :
So when the IL reaches 40+, every undeads will have a chance to get one of these mutations.

For now I think that when the IL reaches 40, every undeads will receive a hidden behavior (= a buff without any stat) which disappears after xx secondes. When this behavior disappears, there is a random chance that the undead gets a mutation (so this chance would increase with the IL).

If the IL is 40+, each spawned undead will receive the hidden behavior at spawn.

When the hidden behavior is destroyed, the undead receive a new one, so after the same delay, it will have gain a chance to mutate.
If an undead get a same mutation, it is increased to lvl 2.

If the IL goes under 40, every hidden buffs are removed.

Any feedback ? :)

Re: Rework : Mutations

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:32 pm
by Kajah
First, you say the full system isn't released yet, but what you wrote here is yes?
Second, it is interesting, remains to be tested for more discussion.
This will give people a reason not to sit on their arses and wait for stuff to come at them, mainly making an eradication squad a must-have.
Good job and thank you for your work. :D :amen:

Re: Rework : Mutations

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:23 pm
by Kami no Varou
I'm happy to see mutations finally getting attention =)
What about the possible evacuation we discussed so long ago ? you know, like if IL goes > 70, a vote starts to know wether we want to evacuate or not (and abandon the AO). In case it is votes yes, mission change to evacuation (other missions are skipped).
Also, what about the IL rising system ? It would be nice to be able to actually prevent it to rise instead of it rising systematically when T1 spawns.
Else, I am very happy with different random mutations that can stack, but maybe the invisibility (and poison attack) are a bit tough for a single level mutation (temporar cloaking/50% chance poison as a level 1 mutation first ?). Also you should explain a bit how you would evolve an undead.
Speaking about poison, I think it could be used by a little more undead (without mutations), maybe with just a percentage of chance to inflict poison instead of the 100% chance a Cursed has. I think about spiders and swollen (the acid boomers).

Re: Rework : Mutations

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:41 pm
by Znimu
Nothing is released yet.
Yes feedbacks will be very important to balance every mutations. :)

Varou : I had forgotten invisibility, it could be Invisibility lvl 1 : invis until the undead attacks, lvl 2 perma invis.
The poison can be weaker than the cursed poison. I will check.

Maybe new poisons for T3.

I have already explained in the mechanics part : with an IL above 40, each zombie will have a chance to receive a mutation each xx secondes (duration to determine, I may use randomly one of 3 different durations). The chance to receive a mutation increases if the IL raises.

Hm maybe your question was about an undead who becomes bigger. I don't know exactly. Maybe the undead will go in a cocoon, then become randomly a undead of higher rank (so a T3 would become a random T2, a T2 would become a random T3). If I do this mutation, I may put it very rare.

Re: Rework : Mutations

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:12 pm
by Znimu
About poison, the cursed can apply 2 different venoms :
- Necrotic venom : -2 HP /s for 170s
- Neurotoxic venom : slows the move speed by 15% for 145s

So I have added 2 venom mutations slightly weaker than the cursed venoms.

With the Stealth Mutation, I have now 11 mutations possible, each with 2 levels.

Re: Rework : Mutations

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:42 pm
by Kami no Varou
I meant, actually each T1 spawning raise IL as well as failing objectives (with the increase varying according to the difficulty). Do you plan to change it ? Because right now the IL with suddenly rise (and sometime a lot) each time T1 hords spawns, and you can't prevent it (but u can lower it back by killing them). Which is a problem for IL related medal

(BTW, did u get my message about silver star ?)

Re: Rework : Mutations

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:07 pm
by Znimu
These medals will now require an Infestation Level < 40 (it was <= 25), after my next update so when I release the rework of the mutations.

I don't remember your message about the silver star, I think I had answered you though.