About the recent bans

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About the recent bans

Postby Znimu » Sat May 06, 2017 5:47 pm

If anybody wants to speak about the recent bans that I did.
I am OK to discus about it. So I start this discussion if anybody has any questions or fears about it.

Please take in consideration that I have banned Sylvester and BurningSera from my DISCORD ONLY, to avoid destructive feedbacks. Then as Wizard was adding the second layer to my annoyance and whereas I told him to stop, I banned him too FROM DISCORD ONLY.

Then Sylvester destroyed the Wiki, so I banned him from UAR.
Then I saw the review of Wizard for UAR, so I banned him too from UAR.

Remember that I gave the tree camo freely to Sylvester for its birthday. That I tried several times to throw away my anger.

If you want to speak about the donations and the stupid things that Wizard wrote about it in his review, I suggest to read the topic about Donations in the poll section : viewtopic.php?f=15&t=177
But here again I am OK to speak about it. I can even say that I won't do again the stuff I did for Fero and the Grenadier, it was a mistake. But in some ways it helps me to establish more stronger frontiers about donations. And it leads to the release of the Grenadier, which is a good point in my opinion.
This particular case appart, it is very inappropriate to speak about advantages that donators can receive. Just read the page of the tree camo (tree.camo.php), and you know everything about the donations. There is nothing in addition, nothing hidden, as usual if you begin to know me, I am not afraid to say everything.

I am not happy to have banned those players, it is kind of fail for me. But I don't accept to lose time and energy because some players don't respect me at all. I prefer to spend my time working on UAR, or playing.

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