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Re: Platoon Leader

Postby Billyum » Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:42 am

Znimu wrote:Maybe I am wrong, but I think that the binos are usefull for a SDM or a FSS to attack from long range, but for a PL ?

I understand your point to give a mecha point, but it would be such easier and less work to lower the cost of the grenade. I don't know, a mecha passive could revaluate the grenades indeed.

Binos are amazing for seeing behind trees and up ramps, The bino + laser designate combo is awesome for making sure everyone knows about an incoming threat and can focus it down quickly.

Learning how to increase mech points is going to be important for making new classes [Seeing as how your Prototype has a stance that increases mech points]. I also came up with another buff for the PL's plasma nade, His leadership Aura could give +4% explosive damage for every level of plasma nade that he has. This means that by maxing plasma nade he could give everyone +16% explosive damage as long as he has at least one point in Leadership Aura. Combined with himself getting 1 mech point per level I think plasma nade could be worth getting for the PL [Though dps builds would still probably be preferred for most situations].

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Re: Platoon Leader

Postby Kami no Varou » Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:01 pm

I think we could just buff the nade so it's worth taking by making it's utility effects actually strong (the actual 8% slow).
I think we could lower heavily the DoT duration and make it slow by a strong amount (with reduction against armored and massive). And/or increase damage taken (that would be redundant for both PL and Ghost though). Because actually it lasts 8/10s (don't remember) and that's a lot - particulary if u consider plasma is surcharging the air in energy, which should dissipate very fast. To me that's a reason we don't like much Plasma Grenade atm - it's barely different than an actual nade, similar damage and an almost negligeable slow, and it doesn't fit PL/Ghost role.
Also now, PL and Ghost are the only one that use it, and they are both to support their team, so that fits for both of them (giving extra time/damage to their team is pretty much their role).

Or maybe, if we want it to be different to Smoke Grenade, maybe ditch the DoT zone and just apply a debuff to hit enemies that slow them and damage them for some time, so it doesn't anymore slow all units incoming from a path but rather slows specific targets you choose to.

Cause atm, even if u doubled damage and halved cost, I wouldn't take it cause it's neither PL nor Ghost role - Javeling Gunner will still be much more effective if it's mass cleaning that you want.

(I know I always suggest the same things (I think to Flamethrower discussion), but there are not much utility effect that you can apply to a spell ^^')

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Re: Platoon Leader

Postby Znimu » Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:27 pm

Billyum :
Yes you are right, maybe binos improved then instead of my idea.

The easier way to provide an attribute bonus may be with a trigger. There is other skills done this way, would not be very hard, but to lower the energy cost is only a change in a field.
Hm I think it really needs an up, so maybe both. Mecha bonus for every grenades + explo bonus from each Leadership aura. Then after the up of the flamer, this up, I will be able to nerf/rework the SFAAT I think :)

Kami :
To improve the utility of a plasma grenade seems interesting too, instead of just damage. I will think about it.

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Re: Platoon Leader

Postby JackDiamonds » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:22 pm

Maybe an outside the box though for the PL - But for a re-spec of the skills to make the PL purely aura based?

For example, three auras that could be toggled:

Offensive Operations - Provides increased damage and attack speed

Defensive Operations - Provide a shield (or evasion) and armour buff

Patrolling Operations - Provides increased move speed and sight range.

Fourth skill would be soldier skills.


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Re: Platoon Leader

Postby Znimu » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:57 pm

I will try to summarize the ideas for now :
The PL would get a new tree, Leadership would be reworked, and we would get something like that :

LEADERSHIP (PL aura with each level) :
- lvl 1 : Link all FT together (so anybody in any FT will have vision of other heros as if everybody would be in the same FT).
- lvl 2 : Retreat (increases move speed for a duration, move speed buff removed if the soldier doesn't move for 1 s)
- lvl 3 : Redeploy (ask each hero if he wants to redeploy, then the Outlaw Phantom will load every soldiers who accepted and unload them close to the PL - need to know if the minis/LNs would be redeployed too)
- lvl 4 : Concentrate fire (as the actual)

COLLECTIVE (not sure of this name, each level increases the Binocculars ?) :
- lvl 1 : Binocculars ?
- lvl 2 : Field aid ?
- lvl 3 : Laser designator
- lvl 4 : CFF

A paralell idea is to boost the plasma grenade. Most ghosts don't use it too as the fire bullets are more efficient for less energy.
So I may reduce its energy cost, and it could put an armor debuff to undeads inside its area of effect (so in addition to the little slow + damage). I am quite lazy to provide a bonus in mechanical attribute as suggested because it leads to a consequent work regarding the benefit, but if someone has argments, it can still be studied.

Kami no Varou
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Re: Platoon Leader

Postby Kami no Varou » Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:37 pm

I still don't like this version of Redeploy - a phantom is gonna travel the whole map to pick up those who accepted ? Or is it one phantom per soldier ?
I think if the PL were to call a phantom, he would call it to himself.
Also in term of gameplay, this ability allow the squad to scatter more easily - I don't think this is the objective, is it ? I thought PL was about playing all together. That would be very sad to see a PL in town just bootsing stats and acting like an emergency recall for people that get problems, when he's supposed to be the one leading (like in, not just supervising).

Maybe switch Concentrate Fire and Redeploy ? Sounds more logical to me. Also, do u make Concentrate Fire work like Retreat ? (if someone don't shoot for 1s (in term of command, not in term of firing really), he loose the buff ?).

I feel indeed the Collective tree lacks something compared to Leadership. Maybe a buff to his Leadership tree (like Javelin Skills), things like range of aura, cooldowns, stuff like that. And yeah, boosting the binos each level would be awesome.

Reducing armor on the Plasma Grenade seems like a good idea. Not an original one, but I'm pretty short on these too.

Overall I think this is pretty good, giving the PL a lot more interest and making him more useful than just boosting attack. It used to be my favorite class.

Then I trained FSS and got addicted to blow shit up. Well...

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Re: Platoon Leader

Postby Znimu » Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:24 pm

In the army, to lead soldiers means to take care of each of them too, not only to give orders, so if the PL thinks that the situation justifies the redeploy for a single soldier, he can. Or he can keep it for a tactical move. His decision.

You consider that it allows to the team to spread, but you don't consider that it is supposed to reunite the team around the PL ? Finally, the team will be reunited.

His auras and activable new auras are his "orders".

But as you say after, that you find all that good, I think that you only say some remarks and not strong apprehensions.
Good idea to improve the range of the auras with the lvl of Collective.

Make the PL great again ? :frime:

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