DPS Cav scout and Platoon Leader with VT

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DPS Cav scout and Platoon Leader with VT

Postby 6eXo9 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:18 am

*NOTE: ADVANCED BUILDS* need significant experience and unlocks for these 2

So the build around these 2 for DPS is basically to use VT for the move speed and 30% bonus dmg andstack that with another SI which also adds damage. In Cav scout it is ST (steel sabre) and with Platoon leader, it is IS (instructor) aura. When stacking these bonuses, especially for Cav scout you realise you do similar attack speed to an auto rifleman when you have a Styner, but with a base damage that is very much higher. All without using any energy for added attack speed or damage.

The good point about using cav scout is that you can flare AND bino, as opposed to PL who can only bino. Furthermore, Cav scout's inherent faster attack speed is much better(20% faster. 0.25 vs 0.3) than a 6% aura from IS. Although PL does have laser pointer,It doesnt help much against smaller zombies. I've seen around 300dmg crits with these builds and they do good dmg to rival the Autorifles. MCR for cav scout soaks up too much ammo even with a mag extender so a styner is actually more advisable and economical. PL's additional damage from concentration (lvl 4 leadership unlock) and the IS aura will both give your team a boost as well to reload times. That said, PL reload times will be VERY short which overall compensates the atk speed of the cav scout as he has less downtime reloading compared with a cav scout.

Cav scout has a lovely 0.25s base shot time (4 hits per sec)
+dmg= 30% (VT) + ~20% base (ST, wiki doesnt say :( )
PL Aura stacking with IS is like having QT+VT already although base atk speed is 0.3s, so it compensates a bit.
+dmg = 30% (VT) + 20% (aura) + 6%atk speed (IS) + 25% concentration skill on lvl 4 aura

  1. Cav scout: VT+ST
    gives around 65-73base damage AT START. no guns lvl 1
    Build: lvl 1, 2 soldier skills (For burst fire)
    3 cav scout skills/marksmanship alternate levels. or if your team requires motion sensor then rush it. dont bother getting lvl 4 for CFF. focus on marksmanship or maxing soldier skills.

    Since VT gives move speed, you dont have to worry about being slow before getting lvl 1 scout skills and can go direct for burst fire.
  2. Platoon Leader VT+IS
    Also gives around 65-74 damage at the start.
    Same as cav scout, lvl 1, 2 = soldier skills 2,
    lvl 3 = marksmanship if you find a gun,
    or go for aura. Then max out marksmanship and soldier skills.

Essential: Choice of guns: 1. SOF-AR obviously. If not go for the Styner(VT cancels move speed penalty) or MCR instead of M5 or HK42. The MCR is VERY nice, but i wouldnt take it if i didnt have a magazine extender.
Magazine extender(!!) , flashlight, scope, AA, AP/DU rounds.

Soooo why not IS+VT on cav scout? Well yeah you should do that if you havent unlocked ST, but it isnt as good dps.

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Re: DPS Cav scout and Platoon Leader with VT

Postby Kami no Varou » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:50 am

Let's start out with petty remarks (else I wouldn't really be me) :

  • PL aura is 15% when maxed.
  • Automatic rifles AS is 0.125 when bursting, 0.2 in mean (0.167 with Burst Upgrade), so unless you're toggling Fire Burst, you're not reaching AR attack speed - and you're no match when it use Suppressive Fire.
  • Alright, I can't blame you for ditching CFF - but what about Heartbeat ? That's the main point of taking CS instead of Ghost.
  • Isn't it a tiny bit unfair to compare the DPS of a CS/PL with VT + weapon (Styner) to the DPS of an AR without SI nor weapon ? 'cause automatic rifles have higher base AS and damage, so don't think you can bypass it that easily.

So the point of this build is to priorize DPS over Reconnaissance/Leadership ? 'cause standard build for both PL and CS is to go DPS after having Reconnaissance/Leadership maxed out - those are the point of taking these class, else just go straight DPS.
Starting with the universaly underrated Rifleman - CSM brings a 15% damage + 8% AS (plus 2 range) boost, which is higher than both ST and PL Aura (for his own DPS at least), and Focus Fire is a damn huge burst (30% damage + doubled critical multiplier + 7.5% critical chance -> 12.5% chance of 5x critical is a 50% DPS increase while 20% chance of x10 damage is a 180% DPS increase, so DPS is almost doubled just accounting the critical hits (150% versus 280%) and critical hits stack multiplicatively with any base damage boost, including the 30% of the ability itself). Well it is compensated by its huge cooldown that makes it a bit unreliable.
And you still unlock Ground Flare 2 levels after having maxed your DPS abilities for utility.

If you want a DPS alternative to AR, SDM, Cyborg and CW (a more mobile one I guess), it is Rifleman. Delaying Reconnaissance/Leadership up to level 10 is not that great of an idea - and you will not be able to get better than AR/Cyborg. Not to mention they will do a lot better both against pack of zombies anyway because they have some radius that you don't have - critical penetration won't make up for it - and against big bad targets wen stationnary thanks to Suppressive Fire. The only situation you'll shine is when you're into kiting, where toggling Fire Burst do wonders - and even then, if you are kiting there are chances they are stationnary meanwhile - and a good AR can more or less synchronize with its burst when kiting without toggling it.

But I agree PL's contribution in a team is underrated - you reach a good DPS while boosting everyone around.

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