Playing the Prototype

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Playing the Prototype

Postby Todesbagger » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:15 pm

DISCLAIMER: This guide is a work in progress, getting extended with various testings. Also I try to keep it up to date with every Proto change...

4.What can a Prototype do?
5. SIs
6. Items

1. Introduction

So you decided to give the Prototype a go? Well be ready to play a MOV with a broad variety of playstyles, that you can even change during the game.


DPS, Tank, Escort, Support, Crowd Control


The Prototype is somewhat unique, as he got the regular skill mechanic, as well as hybrid skills, that require leveling 2 different stances. His skills are the following:

Critical Targeting (F)
Activates the assisted targeting system, increasing the critical chance and the damage of the critics, but restricts movement. Each level improves movement. Drains Energy during use. Lasts 8 Seconds
Level1: +20% AS +7% crit chance +40 %crit damage
Level2: +30% AS +15 %crit chance +55 %crit damage
Level3: +40% AS +17 %crit chance +65 %crit damage
Level4: +50% AS +22 %crit chance +75 %crit damage

Kinetic Wave (W)
Releases a powerful kinetic discharge, repulsing and damaging units around the Prototype. Each level increases the damage and the repulsion.
Level1: 80 damage, 100 energy, 50s cd
Level2: 160 damage, 90 energy, 45s cd
Level3: 240 damage, 82 energy, 42s cd
Level4: 320 damage, 75 energy, 40s cd

Titanium Skeleton (X)
Improves fitness by 12 and increases armor by 1 but decreases move speed by 0.05 per level
Level1: Rifle Butt
Level2: Unlock Big Jump (Z+C)
Level3: Increases the armor by 3, rifle butt can target armored

Optimized Capacitors (C)
Activate the energetic stance of the suit of the Prototype. Increases mechanical by 3 per level.
Level1: Smoke Grenade (Z+F)
Level2: Jam Immunity
Improved Smoke Grenade (bigger AOE)
Level3: X-rays (vision assistant: reveals invisible, immune to smoke grenades)
Smoke Grenades are thrown by a grenade launcher
Emergency Battery (Z+B): The Prototype will charge a battery when he has full energy and Optimized Capacitors avtivated. Then the battery can be used any time to get energy.

Cybernetics (V)
Improves regeneration by 0.2 and move speed by 0.07 per level
Level1: Increases range by 4, attack speed by 10%
Level2: Gives a 25% chance to deal 2x critical hit, increases range by 1
Level3: Improves critical chance to 37,5%, unlocks charge
Charge(D): Allows the Prototype to run at high speed for 3 seconds

4.What can a Prototype do? (depending on skill build)
    shoot stuff with a heavy plasma rifle that has a big splash
  • Shield himself, allies, civilians, turrets explosive charges to prevent them from getting blown up,...
  • Jump UP every cliff
  • Jump DOWN every cliff unharmed
  • hooking items, players and civilians to his location
  • giving other players energy
  • recharging his own energy at generators
  • having rifle butt at lvl 1
  • throwing smoke grenades
  • ignoring smoke grenade fields
  • knock back armored units
  • heal himself + curing alignments
  • See invisible units with his inbuilt flashlights

What he CAN'T do
  • hook Buildings, explosives or vehicles
  • use regular sprint (only his ability if skilled, minimum lvl3)
  • survive multiple explosions in quick sucsession, like cluster rockets
  • tank flamers effectively
  • tank units with very fast attack speed (like minigunns, flamers,...)((Works with an SPCS))
  • setting of explosive charges with his abilities

RF: Your attackspeed is slow and has the biggest auto attack splash of all MOS, combined with your already big base damage, be prepared to crit for around 2k later in the game with this
TN: if you go for a max HP build, take it together with HA, other than that, not worth it, as you have over 700hp in your titan stance already.
QT:you never recoil, and reload speed with your low attack speed is barely noticeable
EN: You are a walking recharge station for others, so any form of more energy is nice. But if you mastered the energy dance, its worthless.
HE:You got a built-in flashlight in your (C) stance at lvl 3. Maybe if you REALLY want that extra range, you could take it.
AR: If you need specific skills early, like Hook+jump, or Shield+ T.R.O.L. Protocol, take it.
TT: Since you only get your Sprint at cybernetics 3, it would be recommended for survival.
DS: A prototype doesn't need much besides levels for his skills. if you want to speed that up and use everything, you can go for it
IT: Since it lowers the % energy difference during an energy dance, it weakens the energy gain from it, so only take it if you cannot do the energy dance and still want to play as a mobile battery for others.
BL: Better on SFAATS or platoon leader, if none of them are picked and you play shielder, it could be an option.
BA: You get rifle butt with one point in Titanium skeleton... wasted SI
IS: Could be an option for escort missions, and only if there is no SFAAT or Platoon Leader
SS: Wasted SI, you have no "self heal", only TROL Protocol
PU: another Energy management SI, improves your own Battery skill, and gives you energy cells for emergency situations, so a must-have for a proper energy dance. the packed EC you can keep, if your energy dance fails; or give them to an Engineer or Sniper, as they have several high energy cost skills.
W: You don't have explosive skills, only the shield could be interesting, but we're going for SPCS anyway
BB: only for fun reasons
VT: For DPS build and mobility, but it weakens your tank capabilities. The downside can be countered by proper shield+SPCS use.
LA: Because of the damage calculation, your MAX HP should never be below 370-390hp
HA: for Max HP builds, but you'll notice the MS reduction, so kiting will be worse
CL: Has this SI ever been used?!?
S2: If you are a group person, you could take it.
LW: For Solo/survival/4man play its decent, other than that,there will always be someone around.

Kevlar: the first armor, take it if no SPCS is available yet. If you use your shield, you'll take the hits for others, so any Armor helps with dealing with that damage.
OPA: Small MS boost on that one, but better suited for other classes
SPCS:Now we're talking, thats the big boy armor that you want. Lets you become a tanking god together with your shield

7. Advanced Tactics: (Git gud, skills that will improve your Prototype play)

Armor refresh:
Dropping any armor, Kevlar, SPEC or OPA, and picking it up right afterwards refills your shields.
To do that, rightclick on your armor in your inventory, leftclick on the ground to drop it, and then rightclick it to pick it back up.
This way you can extend your life and survivability by a big amount. Just try to distance yourself a bit from enemies,(eg with a jump), so you won't get hit while picking up your armor.
NOTE: As long as you get hit while you have at least 1 point of shield, your "Hit" count won't go up. Interesting for Medals.

Learning the Jump-Hook combo (X,Z+C,click, Z+V, click your ally): Switches to Titan Skeleton stance (X), use your Enhanced Jump(Z+C) to hop on a cliff and pull a mate up (Z+V). The faster you are with the hotkeys, the more useful it will become in pinch situations.

Stance-dancing: Knowing when to use which stance will improve as you play, but keep in mind what you want to do. Switch to:

Titanium Skeleton (X) if you:
want to tank
need +4 armor
need to create space with rifle butt
get swarmed by t3s and armored
need to jump UP a cliff (Z+C) / need to jump Down a high cliff without hurting yourself

Cybernetics (V) if you:
Want to run, either scouting or escaping (+0.21ms) + Charge (D)
use Charge (D)
regenerate HP (+0.6hp/s)
shoot stuff (+4 range, +10%AS, +37,5% chance for x2 crit damage)

Optimized Capacitors (C) if you:
want to regenerate energy
throw a smoke grenade (Z+F)
run through smoke / stand in smoke and ignoring it /kite in smoke
see invisible

Superman Jump: (X, Z+C, W)
You swap to your tank stance, use your enhanced jump to land in the middle of the action and use a kinetic wave to push back all the zombies. Use it to save others, or to spread a mob.

Energy Dance (C, [Any skill], V or X, Z+ B, C):
Okay, this is a tough one, but basically what you do is, with full energy, your Emergency battery refills if you are in energy stance. You use any skill, (eg. Energy transfer), swap to another stance, so your maximum energy gets reduced, and the enegy you wasted so far will be adapted percentage based, you use the battery, energy refills, you swap back to a higher energy pool and the battery will recharge itself if you had full mana again.
Sounds complicated?
Okay, breaking down the numbers:
Energy stance, you have 340 energy
lets use 50% of our energy
so we are at 170
and we spent 170
we swap to a lower energy pool stance
there we only have 205 max energy
our energy pool is half empty (50%)
so we'll have about 102/205 energy
use the PU energy cell, it gives you 100
now you have 202/205 energy
considering your energy regeneration goes on during that time, it'll regenerate the other 3 so your energy bar is 100% full again
you swap back to high energy stance, and voila, 340/340 energy

To-do list for me:
-Items section
-More content
-layout und colors!!!
-Stats overfiew
-a how-to section
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Re: Playing the Prototype

Postby Kajah » Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:33 pm

10/10 would read again, can't wait for the full build.
Listen to this guy, he's the best Prototype player, and the guy who made him popular.

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Re: Playing the Prototype

Postby Znimu » Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:28 am

Kajah wrote:the guy who made him popular.

Hm I thought it was me, building awesome mechanics :pleur4:

Joke appart, nice guid, maybe add some colors on the text of the main titles ? :)

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