small edits to improve the gameplay

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small edits to improve the gameplay

Postby kisonator » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:19 am

Hello Znimu!
I prepared some tips for improving the graphics component and small edits on the features of the gameplay, designed to improve the quality of your masterpiece! I would be grateful for the constructive criticism. Let's start:

Some zombies are too incredibly huge, especially:

gourmet and its relatives, I advise you to make their size smaller by 2 times, and, given their slowness and comparative simplicity of their destruction - add them more xp and armor, as well as make their color darker than ordinary fatties, for brutality vision = )

The hunter must also be reduced in size by 20-30%, since of this beast does not correspond at all with the speed of its movement,

it is also necessary to reduce the skin of huge zergling by 20%, for the same reasons.

invisible lurker - you need to increase the size of the unit by 20%, increase their number during the game and make some of them ordinary, visible.

krill - increase the size by 20-30%, as they are too difficult to see, even with the means of detection. Many times there were cases when krill kill players , and they did not even understand the cause of their death.

bats (small, black) - slightly (by 20%) increase their HP and dimensions

licker- make them a little bigger and their appearance in the game more frequent


Kakumen - the top and the most complicated boss - does not need improvement, like all flying units, but against the background of a huge gift and gourmet - he does not look so awesome.
 Darreus also suggest slightly reducing, as well as making his skin more poisonous, as, for example, in hunters, black and red and more contrast, as it gives the impression that this huge beetle is half transparent.

scorpion - looks great, but I would reduce its size by 10%, and also added the game of small scorpions in the group of zombies 2 classes. it looks very impressive!

the special ability of the bosses, namely the leap forward - to make it more like a jump, rather than teleportation X| , it's very funny this ability, an obvious flaw))) (by the way there is a bug when the boss jerk of the player and other units throws map through the half, I was thrown out like a scorpion from the center of the city to the middle of the cemetery, lol)

Also, hordes of zombies of the 3rd class look very static, especially the orange-brown humanoid. Optionally I suggest making them a bit colorful, for example, orange, brown, pinkish, gray, greenish, :berk1: :inlove: :rougefaché: :mrgreen: :-| as for a bunch of "former people" they look too clones.

Or the second solution to this problem: to make all the hordes of zombies - mixed, that is, at the spawns - there are mixed zombies of 3 classes, instead of a bunch of the same ones (by the way this will make the game less predictable and slightly increase the complexity of microcontrolling, due to the fact that it is impossible stop the whole crowd with one grenade, some will survive and continue to chase the player)

In my opinion, many of these improvements will not take much of your time, but this will greatly increase game the variety and will save you from the need to add new types of opponents and then re-balance the balance, which is part of your plans, as far as I know. Waiting for comments, ready to discuss this topic, if it interests you! :taré1:

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