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My dark side by MuminMulan

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:02 pm
by Znimu
Maybe it can interest some people to see my dark side as seen by MuminMulan. I can't answer to the review of the map I am working for for most than a year, so I may explain here some things. Drama incoming.

MuminMulan saw my dark side, and he had to share with the UAR community. You can easily read his comment as Blizzard seems to privilegiate some chosen negative reviews only to appear by default (I have checked with different accounts, tried to post a review... but no, only the MuminMulan review appears :] , and it is like that for long, several months, Blizzard only displays negative reviews by default for UAR while it is supposed to be Most recents and Current version only, by default...).

I have nothing to add to this replay, maye your own opinion watching this replay if you have few time to lose :cote:
The pseudo-interesting part is around 18min of the the game (until MuminMulan leaves), but you may check how MuminMulan played before too.

I will try to find a good exorcist now before to damn more souls.

Quite out of topic, but I won't create a topic for that : to give some stars to UAR is much appreciated, it seems not possible to vote without to write anything though, but anything is fine, like gg or I don't know what :)

There is only few haters, but each time that I check the reviews, they are displayed first. So please take some time to vote for positive rewiews too. Hitman used all his accounts to give points to stupid reviews, I banned him for you all, not for me, and I lost his respect as expected, so now please send me back some :coeur:
It should be easily done while waiting for more players in a lobby for an example.

Thanks, cya later.