4-man Insane OB with Rifle mode

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4-man Insane OB with Rifle mode

Postby sky » Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:27 am

Another victory, another history and another milestone achieved by winning this mode which is somewhat deemed once unfeasible.

Thanks Znimu for fixing the power armor's bugs, we then are all fired up and would love to try our lucks to test this mode.

We manage to win this after failing just one attempt LOL.

Many thanks to Jagga, Javinoz and IFwpMinil for playing and making this victory a reality.

All the best to those who would like to win this and unlock the Bear claw decal
Nothing is impossible!
3 riflemen + 1 medic :)
(5.04 MiB) Downloaded 118 times

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