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Postby Znimu » Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:59 pm

Leaders : Znimu.
Officers : .
Members : will be tested if necessary (so if their reputations is not good enough to lead to a quick approval).

This is the complete rules of UTSF. This should allow anybody to have a very accurate vision of the spirit of UTSF.
This is more to avoid endless discussions to brief new members, and to help officers and members to quickly get info for most situations.

It can help players to know how they can be accepted in UTSF.

What is not said in the rules, is that UTSF is a clan to have fun and progress with trusty members in a good mood. :)

1. communication

Follow usual communication public rules : any kind of sexual, religious or racial discrimination, and excessive swearing or insulting are not allowed.

To be a member of UTSF engages to never down the reputation of UTSF by any words and actions.

You are not subject to the UTSF rules when you play only with friends, but if there is any conflict requiring the reaction of an officer or a leader, then it loses this -only friends- flag. To invite random people of any clan in a lobby can't be considered as a friends lobby.

2. is forbidden

- Teamkilling (TK).
- AFK without to announce or going in games if you know that you will have to go AFK for long (5 to 10 minutes in a game is tolerated, while it was announced).
- To leave a game without to explain why.
- Trolling (punctual verbal trolling is tolerated as long as it is not excessive and doesn't bother anybody or even the whole squad – so it is more a joke than a troll).
- Spam and excessive Pings.

3. Lobbies

A private lobby is when "Open to public" is not checked, so it has been created for something particular and to build a game with a higher quality, maybe with lobby votes and/or rolecalls.
Being a member of UTSF engages you even in a private lobby : you have to follow the rules.

3.1. Global rules

A private lobby is under the rules of the clan of the host, not under the rules of the host.

If the clan of the host is under represented in the lobby, either there is a clan obviously in force in the lobby which becomes the ruler of the lobby (the host can leave the lobby but can't force anything), or if there is no obvious clan in force, it becomes ruled like a public lobby.

For a member of UTSF, to kick an other member is forbidden.
To kick someone for poor performances is not allowed (however if someone if obvioulsy playing so selfishely that it really destroys several games, you should report him/her to an officer or a leader).
Other kicks are free as long as you don't induce a diplomatic desaster with an other clan (iSAR or FISC), and it should never be discriminative.

3.2. Votes

The mode vote is free, anybody member or not is free to vote anything.

The role-call is free, and usually used to organize high difficulty games, not to lock MOS. Nobody can lock abusively a MOS even hosting a lobby (to lock a MOS in 2 following games is already abusive if someone else asks to play this MOS, even for the host).

To be a member of UTSF means that you take care of other UTSF members at least like yourself.
Here again to be part of UTSF engages you, if you think that an other member doesn't respect you or UTSF, you are supposed to speak with an officer or a founder, and never to start publicly a drama.

3.3. Public lobbies

To be part of UTSF doesn't provide here any rights. The only advantage that a member of UTSF will gain is probably some prestige which may lead people to listen more, but it is not a right.

4. UTSF members

There is no minimum amount of XP or minimum age to join this clan, however you must meet several criterions about :
- teamplay
- maturity
- will to learn
- will to help the other members
- respect everybody
- to be loyal

If a member can't play for an extended period of time, he better discuss it with an officer or a leader, else he may be kicked after some time depending on his/her reputation.

To join in the clan, you need to ask it to an officer.

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Postby Znimu » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:00 pm

This part is for officers. I explain too everything about the admins.

5. Officers duties

Following a testing duration, the officers of UTSF will become admins of UAR. They are then subject to the rules of UAR admins in addition (check the 6.).

Officers have to make sure rules are respected by everyone at any time. Better ask than fail : you should refer to them in case of doubts or to reports abusive behaviors from members. A duty of the officers is to tell, explain or even remember the rules.

Either they can handle the situation themselves as long as the problem is not very serious, or they should report to a leader for the worst cases.

Not very serious problems are :
- Down the reputation of UTSF
- Down the reputation of UAR
- Insult

Serious problems are :
- Not very serious problems occuring several times, even after warning, or several kind cumulated
- Long AFK
- To ignore instructions of UTSF officers, UTSF leaders or Team Squad Leader (the guy who globally leads the game).
- Team Kill(s) (TK)

6. UAR admins duties

There is 4 kind of UAR admins :
Ninja admins
iSAR officers admins ?
UTSF officers admins
Super admins

Admins can't administrate other admins, Super admins can. In case of conflict between admins, here again avoid a public drama, report to a Super admin. A public drama between admins would probably lead at least one of the admins to lose its admin status.

6.0. Admins

The admins tools are for critical situations like :
- someone massively team-killing in purpose
- someone insulting excessively
- someone abusing of game mechanics which leads to destroy the game (to see someone exploiting an UAR mechanic without any direct negative consequence for the other players should only be reported, not subject to an - admin tool)

The admins tools are not :
- to troll
- to be used abusively or for personal cause

Each time that an admin tool is used, the admin engages his admin status. So in worst cases, this admin will lose the admin status.

Remember that you can think about it before to use any admins tools : when it is done, you can't come back in time. If needed take time to calm down, analyse quietly the situation, then decide what to do.
If you are not sure, you can just note the battlenet ID of the player(s) causing a problem, then explain the situation to a super admin. It is still better than to do an excessive use of the admin tools.

6.1. Ninja admins

Independant from any clan, their identity is not obviously displayed. They are people trusted enough to be kind of freelancer judges in public games. Their main qualities are to have a high sense of responsabilities and consciousness of their own actions and to be very mature : they have the skill to distinguish personal interests and UAR community interests to always act for the community and not themselves.

6.2. iSAR officers admins

Not really decided yet about this kind of admins. I am not able to control the officers of iSAR directly, as they are under Herbmaster directives, it is hard to know how we could handle this kind of admins. It would probably lead to conflicting interest or opinions.

However to be officer of iSAR doesn't prevent to be a ninja admin if the profile is OK...

6.3. UTSF officers admins

Once tested, the officers of UTSF will become UAR admins. They become then ruled by the admins duties in addition to the UTSF officers duties.
Serious problems excepted, they should never use admins tools on other officers.

An officer shoudld check and know the officers of iSAR to avoid to act on them, and to know to who to speak if there is a problem with a member of iSAR.
To establish a good mood between UTSF, iSAR and even FISC is a duty of an officer too.

To use admin tools on someone in one of these three clans is still more critical than in other cases as it engages the mood between 2 clans, and not only between UTSF and a single player. Never do it slightly.

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Postby Znimu » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:07 pm

Most people may think that these rules are huge, and we even agree.

We wanted to make simple rules, but considering the situations with iSAR which is very permissive, we had no other choice that to detail everything which can lead to problematic situations. And as it is annoying to establish, we did it well once and we hope that it will be OK forever (or more).

These rules are for UTSF, even if some of them are for everybody.

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New member selection

Postby Znimu » Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:51 pm

For the UTSF Officers :
The recrutement of a new member should follow these steps.

First step :
- Play a game with the player, to evaluate the team-play.

Second step :
- Evaluate the communication of the player, to define if he/she can be reactive in a group. This can be done during the first step, or during the third step too.

Third step :
- Interview (why to want to join UTSF ? what for ? what pleases the player in UTSF ?)

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