Darkness Chapter 2 Killing

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Darkness Chapter 2 Killing

Postby Znimu » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:14 am

Everybody know that I have changed this event, adding spawn of bosses if the BDS are not energized after quite a long time. I did it after a game where everybody else had left, I was playing AR without any idea where was the batteries. But I would have survived indefinitely, stuck as the batteries were unfindable. It needed an end.

Any feedback welcome though. May need some tweaks.

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Re: Darkness Chapter 2 Killing

Postby GoLKsan » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:33 pm

Here is my 49 cents...
I didn't get to meet those bosses yet, but charging BDS is the hardest possible mission with darkness, so far:
1. Pitch-black darkness (with night vision being useless for some reason)
2. You have to run for items that are dropped somewhere in wilderness (if only Thalim had a usable heliport for that!)
3. You have to shoot your way to locations, after getting those items, while being swarmed all over and running out of road flares... if you saved any beforehand.
TBH - I understand some weird blackness generated by boss since it may be psionic or smth, but high-tech armour suit not being able to see a thing even with Night vision - seems weird to me.

About "It needed an end." part - please elaborate. Do you mean those bosses just come to finish you off? Or, those bosses come, you kill them, and there is no need to charge BDS any more?
If it's first - I see no point, since, if you have no firepower to cut though the hordes to complete mission - you just quit, few extra bosses coming to kill you won't encourage you to stay.
If it's second - I don't see much point either, since it looks just like Thanatos "darkness" with extra steps. It could help people with no flares, though.

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Re: Darkness Chapter 2 Killing

Postby Znimu » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:41 am

This Darkness is fine.
Night vision is for the night, not for a dense black fog. I am thinking to put the night darker for one chapter but it is an other point.
Now batteries are pinged on the map, so it can explain why you don't understand, but before it used to be disappointed to just wait for nothing, no XP, no chance to success the mission, just kill undeads. It really needed an end.

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